Swim Lesson Levels

  • Classes are offered for all ages and all levels of swimming skills from water adjustment through Guard Start.
  • Not all levels will be available each session.
  • The ability to perform specified aquatic skills will determine the level into which the student is placed. Each student will be tested on the first day to ensure that they are placed in the correct class. This decision will be made by the program coordinator and/or the instructor.

Level 1: Water Exploration: 
Experience buoyancy (by bobbing).  Breath control.  Float on back, float on front with assistance.  Independent water entry and exit.  Move through water comfortably.  Become familiar with basic arm action.  Learn basic water safety rules.


Level 2: Primary Skills: 
Submerge head and retrieve objects underwater.  Explore deep water with support.  Front and back float and glide.  Level off from vertical position.  Rhythmic breathing.  Flutter kick front and back.  Perform combined stroke front and back.


Level 3: Stroke Readiness: 
Retrieve objects with eyes open.  Basic rules for safe diving.  Glide and push off front and back.  Coordinate arm stroke for front crawl with breathing to side.  Treading water.  Coordinate back crawl.  Turns.  Elementary Backstroke.

Level 4: Stroke Development: 
Deep water bobbing.  Rotary Breathing.  Build endurance.  Elementary backstroke.  Front and back crawl.  Learn breast stroke and sidestroke.  Turns at wall.


Level 5: Stroke Proficiency:  
Approach and hurdle from diving board.  Perform all strokes.  Perform all turns.  Alternate kicks for treading water.  Pike and tuck.

First Aid symbol
Lifeguard Course
Lifeguard training involves; classroom work, learning rescue skills, professional CPR and first aid training.  Participants must be 15 years of age by the last day of class, and be able to swim 300 yards and retrieve a 10 pound brick from 9 feet depth.