Apply to be an Ambassador


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2014. The following six application requirements must be done and submitted to our office on or before that date, not just postmarked!

Application Requirements

  1. Be admitted to WSU.  Click here to access the online admissions application, fill it out and submit it with the application fee, which can be done online with a credit card or call the Cashiers Office at (801) 626-8006 and have your high school send an official, sealed copy of your transcripts.  That's it!

  2. Fill out the Ambassador Application. Click this link to access the Ambassador Application online.  Fill out the application, completing all required fields, and submit it.

  3. Personal Essay (one page). Use this page to tell us about you. Try not to list your resume and leadership history here (leave that for your resume). Explain why you want to attend Weber State and specifically why you want to be an Ambassador. Use this essay to express how your previous experience has prepared you to become an outstanding representative of Weber State University.

  4. Resume (note: your resume should be only one or two pages). Let me encourage you to be selective. Include activities you feel make you stand out as a high-energy student and why you would be an asset as a student representative WSU. Another hint, follow the instructions concerning length. Don’t just send us a laundry list of what you’ve been involved with up until this point in your life.

  5. “ME” page. This is your opportunity to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. On a standard 8.5 x 11 inch page, show us who you are through photographs, pictures, art, and/or other means. You have been given the artistic license to make your “Me” page whatever you want it to be. Show us who you are and how creative you can be.  Have fun with this one!

  6. Three references. These references should be individuals that are very familiar with you and what you are applying for. I would suggest you choose people from a variety of different sources including teachers, coaches, advisors, work supervisors, or even close family friends. You DO NOT need to include a letter of recommendation. I simply need the persons name, phone number, email address (one they check frequently), and how they know you. We may or may not contact these individuals.

How Applications Are Rated

  • leadership involvement
  • evidence that you are a high-energy individual as well as a team player
  • creativity
  • dedication/desire to represent Weber State
  • work ethic

Mail Applications To:

Please mail to: Student Recruitment and Orientation

C/o Mr. Fran Hopkin

1103 University Circle

Ogden, UT 84408-1103

After reviewing your application, we will select and interview finalists. Good luck, let us know if you have any questions!

Questions? Contact:

Student Recruitment Office
1103 University Circle
Ogden, UT 84408-1103