Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid

- FAFSA February -
To lessen the stress of both students and parents, Weber State University provides a free FAFSA help event during the month of February. For locations, dates and times of when the FAFSA Feb event will be taking place, visit the FAFSA Help page.

- Dream Weber Program -
The Dream Weber Program began in 2010 to provide free tuition to students whose annual household income was $25,000 or less. Now, beginning fall semester 2014, the Dream Weber Program provides free tuition and general student fees to students whose annual income is $40,000 or less.


  • Be a legal Utah resident
  • Have a household income of $40,000 or less
  • Qualify for federal Pell Grant funds
  • Be an undergraduate student with less than 150 credit hours


- Sallie Mae Bank Scholarship-
  • Sallie Mae is offering 13 $5,000 and 10 $2,000 scholarships
  • Applicants may either be enrolled full time for the entire year (24 credit hours or more over two semesters); or enrolled full time one semester and in practicum for the other semester
  • Applications must be mailed
  • Applications must be postmarked on or before March 28, 2015 
The scholarship is open to students in the following undergraduate/transfer programs:  Engineering (chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, and mechanical); Pre-Engineering; Nursing Associate (RN); Nursing; Respiratory Therapy; Teaching 

The link below contains the Sallie Mae Bank Scholarship Instructions and Form for the 2015-2016 school year.

>> Sallie Mae Bank Scholarship


- Oportunidad Scholarship-

The Oportunidad Scholarship Fund is established to promote college opportunities for students. The scholarship fund is intended to remove financial barriers for students who demonstrate the dreams, goals, and aspirations of attending Weber State University and becoming first-generation college graduates.

  • First-generation college student, low-income, and not FAFSA eligible
  • Ogden, Weber, or Davis school district high school graduate who attended high school in Utah for three or more years
  • Incoming freshman or undergraduate student at Weber State University
  • Enrolled/plans to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester 
  • Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
2015-2016 application coming soon

Applications for the Oportunidad Scholarship for the 2015-2016 school year will be available in Spring 2015.

- HB 144 Scholarships -

The following Adobe PDF document highlights scholarships that are available to students who qualify for HB144, DACA, and who are non-FAFSA eligible.

- Somos Foundation Scholarship -

The Utah Hispanic Business Leadership Foundation (Somos) is a non-profit organization established to develop leaders and improve education and opportunities for Hispanic/Latino students and professionals. The award is in recognition of academic and vocational achievement, demonstrated leadership in school, community or other service activities and financial need.


Submit a complete application and supporting documents by October 1, 2015. Must be in good standing and making satisfactory progress (as formally defined by the institution) toward the student's program objective (degree, diploma, or certificate). Be a student enrolled in high school, college or university, or vocational school in the state of Utah or has been recently admitted to an institution in Utah. Have demonstrated leadership in school, community and/or other service organizations that promote, enhance or strengthen diversity. Be living in Utah and Hispanic/Latino descent.

Application Requirements

A completed UHBLF Scholarship Application Form with attached response to questions. Please type your response to the following requested information in the form below. Be concise and limit your response to a total of two pages maximum. Write a brief personal history that includes:

  • Academic, professional, and personal goals

  • Scholarly or vocational accomplishments, honors, special awards, or recognition you have received

  • Community and school involvement; include leadership positions and/or activities

  • Personal barriers/hardships you have had to overcome to achieve your educational goals

Also include

  • A copy of applicant's high school or college transcript

  • Two letters of recommendation (at least one letter from an individual qualified to judge your academic, leadership, and personal qualifications. Counselor or teacher recommended)

>> Somos Foundation Scholarship Application

Application process closed

If there are any questions please contact: Tim Carr or Angel Chaparro

- Varsity Tutors Scholarship  Scholarship -

Varsity Tutors holds a monthly $1,000 college scholarship contest where students must write an essay in response to a monthly prompt. Visitors to the Varsity Tutors scholarship webpage are able to vote via social media for submitted entires. The top five entries with the most votes are reviewed by Varsity Tutors at the end of the month and one winner is subsequently chosen to receive the $1,000 college scholarship. 

Each submission must adhere to the following standards:

  • The text must exceed 200 words and must not exceed 900 words

  • Printed essay font size may not be smaller than 12 pt.

  • All essays must address the specific promotion question presented during Promotion Period, must be original, must not have been previously published, released or distributed and must have been created and must be owned exclusively by you 

  • Content must not be of an offensive, explicit, negative, or controversial nature

  • Essay must follow an organized, multiple-paragraph format

  • Essay must exhibit the standard rules of grammar and mechanics

Eligibility is limited to individuals who are at least 16 years of age in their state of legal residence. Such individuals must be a legal resident of one of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia as of March 1, 2014.

To know more of the rules, topics of the essay and deadline, please refer to their website.

>>Varisty Tutors Scholarship Contest

- Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance -

If you are from Navajo decent and at least 1/4, there are scholarships awaiting you that will assist in paying for your college education. To learn more about these scholarships and financial assistance programs, visit


  • All applicants must be admitted to a post-secondary institution accredited by one of six regional accrediting associations as recognized by the Navajo Nation:


MSA - Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools

NWCCU - Northwest Commission on Colleges/Universities

NCA - North Central Association of Colleges & Schools

SACS - Southern Association of Colleges & Schools

NEASC - New England Association of Schools & Colleges

WASC - Western Association of Schools & Colleges

  • The appropriate accrediting association for highly specialized majors including, but not limited to, the National Architectural Accrediting Board for schools of architecture

  • Vocational Institutions chartered by the Navajo Nation

Application deadlines:

  • Academic Year includes Fall/Winter/Spring - June 25

  • Winter/Spring only - November 25


- Second Annual Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship -

The Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship provides an opportunity for college students engaging in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education with an interest in pursuing careers in the fields of energy or the environment to enter to win a scholarship up to $10,000.

Students who are currently enrolled in an accredited two and four-year public or private university that have an interest in the fields of energy or the environment are invited to apply for the Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship. One $10,000 scholarship, one $5,000 scholarship, one $3,000 scholarship and one $2,000 scholarship will be awarded. 

This year's first and second place award winners will be publicly announced at the USHCC National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah which takes place on September 21-23. 

Deadline: Applications are due Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST.

>>Liberty Power Bright Horizons Scholarship


-Hispanic Scholarship Fund-

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund General Scholarship is open to U.S. Citizens, Permanent Legal Residents, DACA or Eligible Non-Citizens (as defined by FAFSA) of Hispanic heritage. 

  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA for high school students or 2.5 GPA for college/graduate students on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent).
  • Plan to enroll full-time in an accredited not-for-profit 4 year university or graduate school during FALL of scholarship year.
  • Complete FAFSA (DACA students must also fill out, but not submit). 
  • Complete state Dream Act financial aid application (if applicable). 

Deadline: March 30, 2015

>>Hispanic Scholarship Fund


-Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Scholarship-

The Ogden Area Hispanic Chamber is a non-profit organization established to develop business leaders and improve business education opportunities for Hispanic/Latino students and professionals. The award is in recognition of academic and vocational achievement, leadership in school, and community or other service activities. Applicants must also demonstrate a financial need. 


The applicant must:

  • Submit a completed application packet by March 15, 2014.
  • Must be in good academic standing and making satisfactory academic progress toward the student's program objective. 
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Be a student enrolled in high school, college, university or vocational school or has been recently admitted to an institution of higher learning in Davis, Weber, Cache or Box Elder county in Utah. 
  • Have demonstrated leadership in school, community and/or other service organizations that promote, enhance or strengthen diversity. 
  • Be of Hispanic/Latino descent and reside in Davis, Weber, Cache or Box Elder county.
  • All scholarship winners MUST BE PRESENT at the OAHCC Scholarship Recognition Dinner, ALL REQUIRED FUNCTIONS and any other Chamber event or activity to receive the scholarship award. 

>> Ogden Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Application


  • All applications have a deadline attached. Check with your Scholarship Office to learn about these deadlines. 

  • If you are a new freshman, you will need to submit ACT/SAT scores to be considered for scholarships.

  • When you apply to WSU, you are considered for all scholarships that you are eligible for.

  • DO NOT pay for lists or help in finding scholarships. This is a free process!

  • You will need to complete the appropriate applications.

  • You will need to re-apply for scholarships yearly.

  • To gain better insight of how to submit your FAFSA, Higher Ed Shop has created informational videos that will walk you through the steps.