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We offer pre-college access and outreach programs that include K-16 partnerships and encourage under-represented students who are traditionally non-college bound to pursue and successfully complete a post-secondary education that meets the mutual needs of the university, public school system and community.


  • Develop and implement strategies for better coordination and linkage of k-16 pipeline outreach and transition activity partners for underrepresented students.
  • Develop strategies for monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of educational outreach initiatives.
  • Facilitate networking and discussion among campus and community entirely involved in outreach.
  • Develop a sustainable funding stream; support programs and expectation.

Guiding Pillars and Initiatives

College Access and Transition

  • Coordinate systematic approach to effectively assign TNCB students through the enrollment process.

College readiness and exposure

  • Develop a campus-wide training program for mentors/tutors to increase college awareness and goal-settling among k-12 student: increase coordination and accountability of programs for effective use of resources and their number of TNCB students who participate in an on-campus program or experience.

College Awareness to Community

  • Goal: increase awareness of college/educational resources and create a more visible pretense in the community among target students and their familiars 
    • Spanish/English presentation series within the community.
    • Coordinated Family nights/conferences.
    • Patriot parent education program-partner with community school resources centers.


EAO 2010-2011 Annual Report

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