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Peer Academic Leaders

The Peer Academic Leaders (P.A.L.s) system is designed to give support to high school students enrolled in rigorous core classes. The intent of the system is to provide students in such classes with a peer who has already taken the class and excelled to be an additional resource to promote note taking skills, higher-order thinking and insights into how to succeed within the given rigorous course

Students acting as P.A.L.s are enrolled as a teacher assistant, but do not function as traditional teacher aids. Rather, P.A.L.s act as peers to the other students. They are to model positive classroom behavior, take notes, and participate in classroom discussions as other students would do so. 

P.A.L.s organize out of class online and face-to-face study and review sessions. The P.A.L.s schedule and conduct study and review sessions to best accommodate their peers in order to review notes, prepare for tests and quizzes, and help students discover and develop the skills needed to participate and succeed within the classroom.


Benefit of Becoming a P.A.L

As a P.A.L, you are placed back into a rigorous class that you have already taken. You will be functioning the same way as a teachers aid (TA) does in a college setting. In becoming a P.A.L you will be preparing yourself in college readiness, resume building, obtaining benefits in being a mentor, and enhancing your critical thinking and leadership skills. 

What it Takes to be a P.A.L

  • Determination
  • Understanding of Ideal Behavior
  • Leadership
  • Senior Student
  • Higher-Order Thinking
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Patience
  • College Preparedness
  • Excitement for Subject
  • Open-Minded
  • Passion
  • Internet Access


To encourage the effectiveness of the P.A.L system, teachers will provide their classroom P.A.L with lesson plans that they will use to study and better prepare themselves when helping students in both in-class tutoring and out of class study sessions.

Teachers will also play a role in the following areas:

  • Being open to P.A.L.s recruiting for study/review sessions
  • Allow students to take the P.A.L assessment surveys mid- and end- semester
  • Provide time for students to sign up for your P.A.L.s EdModo site
  • Gathering grade data at three points throughout the semester

>> Teacher Handout
>> Grading Rubric

To help assist with the Peer Academic Leaders (P.A.L) system, a P.A.L Coordinator is available to assist in any way possible. 

P.A.L Coordinator

A P.A.L Coordinator is the point-of-contact who all P.A.L.s and teachers will report to for any questions or concerns. He/she will provide training's for best P.A.L practices.

P.A.L.s will have a weekly face-to-face meeting their coordinator to turn in their reflection sheets and give updates on study groups and review sessions.In addition, the coordinator will assist with study/review lessons, EdModo and Remind101 student sign-ups, participation, communication techniques and create your grading rubric.

For more information please contact:


Sarah Cornell
P.A.L Coordinator
Phone: (801)626-7006
Cell: (505)490-5315
Email Sarah 
         Sheldon Cheshire
Ogden GEAR UP Coordinator
Phone: (801)626-7320
Email Sheldon





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