General Education

The General Education program at Weber State University is supervised by the Faculty Senate General Education Assessment and Improvement Committee.

The Utah System of Higher Education coordinates general efforts statewide. The latest comprehensive statement of statewide objectives was in 1999.

The General Education Improvement and Assessment committee (formed in 2006) crafted general education objectives specific to Weber State.

Currently, the General Education committee is working to align overall outcomes in each of the core and breadth areas with a test or portfolio that will be "embedded" in each General Education class, so that we may determine the efficacy of individual program elements.

Core Requirements Breadth Requirements
     American Institutions      Humanities and Creative Arts
     Composition      Physical Sciences & Life Sciences
     Computer & Information Literacy      Social Sciences
     Quantitative Literacy      Diversity

Faculty working on student learning outcomes, either for specific courses in which they teach, or for General Education requirements, may find this list helpful.

Courses Included in the General Education Program

Complete List of General Education Courses

General Education Program information from the Student Success Center

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