College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Information about faculty scholarship in the College of  Social and Behavioral Science1 can be found by selecting links from this table:

Dean Francis B. Harrold
Political Science
Thom Kuels

Leah Murray
      Stephanie Wolfe
Criminal Justice Bradford W. Reyns
Eric Amsel

Bruce K. Bayley

Leigh Shaw

Brent A. Horn

Lauren Fowler
Monica Williams Shannon McGillivray

Heather J. Chapman
Dan Bedford
Social Work
Barrett Bonella

Harold M. Elliott

  Jeremy Bryson
Eric Swedin
Brenda Kowalewski

Kathryn L. Mackay

Carla Trentelman

Marjukka Ollilainen

Pepper Glass

Robert Fudge

Richard Greene
  MB Willard



1. Members of the faculty who have developed a Google Scholar Citation page may contact for inclusion on this page.

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