American Legion Utah Boys State Class of 2015

American Legion Boys State Programs in the United States are organized to supplement high school civics instruction. Weber State University (WSU) provides partnership support to American Legion Utah Boys State (ALUBS). UBS, Class of 2015 students will register as (WSU) summer semester students and will receive (3) semester credit hours upon successful completion of the one week curriculum. Housing, meals, all course materials, and WSU semester credit hour fees are included in the ALUBS tuition of $450.

The Class of 2015 will experience matters of choir, music, mock elections, mock trial, intramural sports, and association with community leaders. Historically, ALUBS students experience discussion and learning with the Governor of Utah; Attorney General of Utah; the Office of the United States Attorney for Utah; US Congressmen; Federal and State Judges; Utah House and Senate Representatives; Political Party Leaders: Law Enforcement Personnel; Utah Media Personalities; Mayors and Prosecutors.

The curriculum is designed to: provide practical (mock) experiences in government process; learn values associated with citizenship; and gain new associations with students throughout the State of Utah. There are no tests or examinations. However, to satisfy WSU curriculum and ALUBS graduation requirements, each student is required to participate in summary as follows:

  1. Participate in activities as a ALUBS citizen.
  2. Vote in all ALUBS elections.
  3. Make a minimum of (1) public speech or presentation.
  4. Be appointed or elected to a minimum of (1) ALUBS position.
  5. Maintain standards of honesty, integrity, abide by ALUBS and WSU regulations.
  6. Provide a hand written essay of personal opinion regarding (2) ALUBS speakers.
  7. Provide a hand written essay of personal opinion regarding (1) of the following:
    • obligations of citizenship;
    • power of the vote;
    • what democracy means to me;
    • the two-party system.

The criterion represents minimum participation for ALUBS graduation and WSU credit. There are many opportunities of participation beyond minimum requirements. There are no right or wrong answers for student essays. The student is expected to support stated personal opinions.

The Class of 2015 will be able to use the (3) semester credit hours in conjunction with Advanced Placement and Concurrent Enrollment credits; will be eligible to apply for special scholarship funding; will be nominated for recognition to Who’s Who Among American High School Students; will elect (2) ALUBS-Leaders to preside over the Class of 2015; will elect (2) ALUBS-Senators to represent Utah at Boys Nation in Washington DC; and those with interest will be able to participate in a special pre-law school advisory forum.