Definitions- Discriminatory Harassment- Retaliation

HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT DISCRIMINATORY HARASSMENT is unwelcome conduct that is demeaning or derisive of, or would not occur but for the race, color, ethnic background, national origin, religion, creed, age, lackof American citizenship, disability status of veteran of the Vietnam era, sexual orientation, or gender of an employee or groups of employees, and which creates a hostile environment. Harassment shall include one or more of the three levels described below. Behavior described in Levels One and Two shall constitute harassment only when a pattern of such conduct continues after the harasser knew, or should have known, that the conduct was unwelcome, unless such conduct is "clearly offensive," in which case only one such incident is necessary.

Generalized Harassment

Includes intentional behavior directed at an entire group which is based on demeaning or derisive stereotypes, and is so pervasive that it creates a hostile working environment.

Comments or jokes, physical gestures or visual displays such as posters, drawings, calendars, etc.

Individually Targeted Harassment

Includes intentional, non-criminal behavior which is targeted at an individual or particular members of a group adversely affective their working environment, which can be verbal, visual, or physical.

Negative or offensive comments, jokes, suggestions, or gestures directed to an individual's or group's race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, etc.

Criminal Harassment

Harassing behavior which violates state or federal criminal statutes

Criminal harassment, criminal assault, sexual assault, rape, criminal mischief, arson and trespass.

Is when a supervisor's (teacher's) behavior creates the reasonable perception in the mind of a subordinate (student) that the granting or withholding of tangible job (class) benefits shall be based on the granting of sexual favors.