Felon Policy Appeal Process

An appeal process is available to you under Weber State University convicted felon policy. Please refer to policy 3-5a Appeals are under the direction of the Director of Affirmative Action, Mr. Barry Gomberg, with the concurrence of the Associate Vice President of Human Resources. Mr.Gomberg's address and telephone number are as follows:


        Barry Gomberg
        Director of Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
        Weber State University
        1022 University Circle
        Ogden, UT 84408-1022

        Telephone (801) 626-6239

        You must provide the following documentation in order for your appeal to be considered:


      • A statement describing why, despite your criminal record, you would not present an unreasonable risk to persons or property if you are hired by the University.
      • In Addition to your statement, we will need three to five letters from others supporing your appeal who can tell us about your character and what kind of a worker you are.  The most reliable references would be from:
        • Persons such as parole or probation offices, drug and alcohol counselors, pyschologists or social workers, and other similar professionals who have worked with you.  (The more recent they are, the better.)

        • Others, such as clergy, former employers, friends and family can also submit letters.  Ideally, these persons need to be able to state that you will not present an unreasonable rish to persons or property if you are hired by the University.

      If your appeal is granted, there is no assurance that you will be hired. You will be included in the pool of applicants allowed to be considered for the position, if it is still open. It is critical that you submit your appeal as soon as possible since the University will not extend the time period for application. We will try to handle your appeal as quickly as possible, but if someone else is selected before your appeal is determined, that decision will not be set aside, even if your appeal is granted. In that circumstance, however, you may be considered qualified to apply for other positions. Further, if your appeal is granted, your criminal record will not be forwarded to those who are making the selection, before their selection is made.