Contests and Opportunities to Publish


Writing Center Contest This is a contest sponsored by the WSU Writing Center. Visit this link to see the latest winners, their prizes, and when they will be published in Verbal Equinox. 

Check this link for updates on how you can join next fall's writing contest!


WSU Writing Contest

The Weber State University Department of English calls for submissions to the WSU Writing Contest. This contest is open to all non-freshmen students enrolled during the current year, excluding WSU faculty. 626-8915.


WSU Freshman Writing Contest This contest is open to freshman students who have completed 30 or fewer semester credit hours of college courses as of the date of submission. 626-8915.

Opportunities to Publish                                                                               

Metaphor This is Weber State's Literary Journal. Any WSU student is invited to submit their poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art, and music for publication.
Please see the Metaphor website for further information.
Verbal Equinox
This is the Writing Center's newsletter. Students who win the Writing Center's writing contest will have their work included in the newsletter. Tutors also can showcase their writing in Verbal Equinox.