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Style Guides
Which style guide should you use?
Always ask your professor first. If she/he does not have a preference, here are some suggestions:
APA: Psychology, Education, and other social sciences.
MLA: Literature, Arts, and Humanities.
AMA: Medicine, Health, and Biological Sciences.
Turabian: Designed for college students to use with all subjects.
Chicago: Used with "real world" subjects in books, magazines, newspapers, and other non-scholary publications.
MLA Style
APA Style
Turabian Style

AMA Style




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Grammar and Punctuation Specific

Other General Links
This site will help you with grammar.


Professional/Career Information
Writing a communication's paper or researching communication issues? Try this site.


Information on Technical Writing.


Writing as a career.  A professional resource for writers with job listings, writer's guidelines, chat, links, message boards, news, book reviews, author interviews, and an online writing magazine.


Guidelines for writing proposals.


This site provides some great guidelines and examples for writing in Business English style.


Present your papers and poems at Weber State's professional conference!


The mother of all online humanities publishers!


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