Forum to Discuss Ethics of Biological Warfare

February 3, 2004

OGDEN, Utah – Is it less ethical to kill a nation's enemies with anthrax or plague than to target them with a smart bomb? Is there ever a proper time and place for the use of biological warfare?
A philosopher and a physician, each nationally known for work along the interface of medicine, biology and social issues, will discuss "The Ethics of Biological Warfare," at the Friends Public Issues Forum, 1 p.m. Feb. 12 in the Weber State University's Stewart Library Special Collections.

Margaret Battin, professor of philosophy at the University of Utah, and Dr. Zell McGee, professor of medicine and pathology at the University of Utah School of Medicine, will discuss whether the use of biological weapons is ever appropriate – in war or in terrorism – and what responses the public might make to current threats. 

Battin has published widely in clinical journals on ethical issues involving religion, health care, medical practice and suicide. An award-winning teaching, McGee is a retired professor who remains active in several professional forums.

Free to the public, this year's forum is co-sponsored by the Friends of the Stewart Library and the Utah Humanities Council.

For parking information, please call (801) 626-6975. For other information, please call (801) 626-7351.

Linda Sillitoe, Stewart Library public outreach coordinator
801-626-7351 ·


Linda Sillitoe, Stewart Library public outreach coordinator
801-626-7351 ·

Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah 84408

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