Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a parking pass to park at the Davis Campus and if so where can I purchase one?

Yes and No. For students, a "W" parking pass is required (Fall and Spring Semesters only) Monday-Friday 7am - 4pm, which you may purchase at the WSU Davis Bookstore. Meter Parking is also available.

What student activities are there at WSU Davis and how can I get involved?

Contact a member of the WSU Davis Student Council or WSU Davis Student Affairs at 395-3460.

Does the Weber State Credit Union have a branch at the Davis Campus?

Yes, it also serves as a Cashiers office for student tuition and other payments. 

Is there a gym at WSU Davis?

Not a full scale one like in Ogden, we do though have a Fitness Center in Room 307 that is free to students, faculty, and staff.  It has new aerobic and weight equipment and satellite TV! Yoga classes are offered weekly; contact Jennifer Grandi at 395-3443 for more information.  In addition, there is a Gold Medal Mile walking/jogging trail. Also, check out the billiards table in the Commons on the second floor of the building.

Where is the Lost and Found?

Stop by the kiosk outside Room 229.  After 90 days unclaimed items are donated to a local charity.

What classes are taught at WSU Davis and who teaches them?

At present, WSU Davis offers a full schedule of general education classes and classes for complete degree programs. For the most up to date class schedule go to the WSU online class schedule, choose your term/semester of interest, choose your subject(s) and then under the campus section of the search criteria select WSU Davis Campus. We have a printable class schedule or you may also obtain a complimentary hard copy by visiting Enrollment Services.

WSU Davis also is home to some of Weber State's best faculty.  Faculty who teach a majority of their course load at WSU Davis may have office hours in the WSU Davis Faculty offices on the third floor of the building.  Please call 801-395-3557 for further information. If you need to contact faculty in the IS&T Department or the MBA, located on the first Floor, call 801-395-3520 and 3519 respectively.

I am interested in knowing more about the Davis Campus, how do I do this?

If you can't find what you are looking for here on the website or by contacting WSU Davis by phone (801-395-3555) then you may find fast facts and the online catalog helpful.