Bookstore/Convenience Store

Room 201
(801) 395-3487

Books needed for courses taken at WSU Davis can be purchased at the WSU Davis Bookstore.  The Bookstore also carries the books needed for WSU classes taught at the WSU West Center and Davis High School.  Books needed for classes taught at the WSU Ogden campus will need to be purchased through the WSU Bookstore in Ogden.  WSU Davis also offers a Convenience store that is open the same hours as the Bookstore. 

Return Policy

You must have your receipt present to get a return.  Please call for information with regards to specfic return policy deadlines and dollar amounts.

Buyback Policy

Occurs the week of finals.  You do not need your receipt in order to sell back your books.  You will get 50% of the new price at that time, if we need the book for the following semester.

Hours of Operation