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Upward Bound students are committed to participate in the six-week summer residential academic program during June and July each year.

During the first week of the summer residential program, the students participate in an academic field trip, which gives them experiences to build on during the next five weeks in their summer academic classes. A Residential Supervisor, three male Residential Counselors and three female Residential Counselors accompany the students on the one-week academic field trip.  In addition, they live on campus with the Upward Bound students, conducting evening activities that include community service, physical education, individual and group discussions.

The remaining five weeks, UB students live on the Weber State University campus, eat in the dormitory cafeteria, utilized university’s facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, gymnasium, computer labs, library, sports fields, shuttle buses, etc. Day Staff instructors work with the Upward Bound students in individually developed, designed and implemented academic classes focusing on subjects such as: English, math, science, foreign language and technology.  After lunch, students and staff conduct and participate in focused group sessions such as team building, art, study skills and a history simulation.

Evening activities include: community service projects, physical education, social activities, individual and group counseling.


Students playing game using sign language Students playing soccer at Cannon Beach
Students canoing on the WSU duck pond Student dissecting cow heart
Students playing Swedish kickball Students posing with egg drop parachutes
Staff member at EMP museum Student holding American Flag at Fort Clatsop
Students reading off newspaper in classroom Students posed around lunch table
Students gathered at Seattle monorail station Students in physics lab
Students crossing bridge at Multnomah Falls Students in front of "Public Market Center" sign in Seattle
Student playing keyboard attached to Ruben's tube View of Safeco Field
Student holding snake Student on top of the Space Needle
Students in lounge chairs around hotel pool Students pose while on a hike
Students pose with Native American in regalia Student poses in skirt made from newspaper



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