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Rotator Policy

In an effort to promote Weber State University institutional messages and events, Marketing & Communications uses a series of rotating images on, called rotators.

Campus groups and organizations are welcome to contact Marketing & Communications when they are trying to get the word out about their messages and events. We’ll make every effort to assist the campus community in providing rotators, as long as the following policies are followed:


  1. Sufficient time is given to create and place the rotator.
    Giving us about a month lead-time is preferred when requesting a rotator. We’ll run the rotator for two weeks previous to the event. Depending on the workload of our graphic designers, if you need us to design your rotator that could also take one to two weeks.
  2. The proposed rotator targets a broad, WSU audience.
    The rotator space on is prime real estate. If we allowed every group on campus with a message to share to have a rotator, things would become unmanageable. Preferably, the rotator’s subject matter would be of interest to WSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members. Rotators targeting solely WSU students are acceptable, but we ask that it would be pertinent to all or the vast majority of students. Also, the rotator cannot be used to promote fundraising projects that could be seen as competing with university-wide development efforts.
  3. The rotator queue isn’t already full for the proposed timeframe.
    There are only five spots available at one time in the rotator queue. Those spots are determined partially according to the importance of the subject matter of the rotator, partially by the size of the audience and partially on a first-come, first-served basis. We reserve the right to determine the rotator queue according to those variables.
  4. The rotator can link to a URL page with pertinent information.
    The rotator is designed to draw attention and create awareness for an upcoming event or important information for audiences. The rotators are links that readers can click on to learn more information about the event or topic being spotlighted. The URL link should provide additional, pertinent information about the subject featured on the rotator. Marketing & Communications is not able to create landing pages for rotators. The URL preferably resides on a or other university-owned or -managed server -- not a social media site, for example.
  5. The campus group or organization is willing to pay the appropriate fee.
    For broad, institutional messages (registration announcements, homecoming event) there is no cost associated with the rotator. For all other rotators, a fee of either $99 or $49 is required to cover the design and programming time from Marketing & Communications. For $99 we will design a rotator from scratch. For $49 we require that you provide us with high quality artwork that we can use in creating the rotator. We reserve the right to qualify if the artwork you provide us with is sufficient or not.

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