Syllabus, ED 2920C Tutor Training, Spring Semester

SYLLABUS, ED 2920C Tutor Training, Part II

(Orientation completed previously - worth 1 training hour)

ATTENTION TUTORS: Please regularly check your address
for course/department related notifications and assessments.

Course Sections:

Ogden Campus

Wednesdays: 12:30 pm (SC 261), 1:30 pm (SC 261)

Fridays: 2:00 pm (SC 261)

Davis Campus

Thursdays: 1:30 pm (D3 104)

Online Assignments (New Tutors)

Complete the following online training modules by February 27 (worth 3 training hours):

  1. Safety/Emergency Preparedness
  2. Tutoring Ethics
  3. Resources and Referrals
Access to Modules:; enter your Wildcat user name and password; choose ED2920; click on appropriate module and follow directions.


Topics, Instructors and Schedule:

Week #1 (1/12): Review Syllabus & 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tutors (Sharadee Allred)

Week #2 (1/19): Questioning Techniques - Part 2 (Jonathan Zempter)

Week #3 (1/26): Listening Techniques (Lynnae Dopp)

(End of Level 2 Training)

Week #4 (2/2): Handling Test Anxiety (Greg Christiansen)

Week #5 (2/9): Critical Thinking Skills (Jonathan Zempter) (Award CRLA Level 2 Certificates)

Week #6 (2/16): Working with Students with Disabilities - Guest Speaker (& Lynnae Dopp)

Week #7 (2/23): Time Management (Kim Fale)

Week #8 (3/2): Memory and Retention Strategies (Lynnae Dopp) (Award CRLA Level 1 Certificates)

Week #9 (3/9): ----------------------------------------SPRING BREAK-----------------------------------------

Week #10* (3/16): Adult Learners (Kim Fale)
*Master Tutor Observation Paper due Friday, March 20!

Week #11 (3/23): Building Student Confidence (Kim Fale)

Week #12 (3/30): The Role of Learning Centers In Higher Education (Claire Hughes)

Week #13 (4/6): StrengthsQuest (Sharadee Allred)

Week #14 (4/13): Review of Level 1, 2 and 3 Training Topics/Master Tutor Presentations (Lynnae Dopp) (Award CRLA certificates)

Weekly Online Discussion Posts

Tutors are required to participate in a weekly online journal. After reflecting upon the concepts presented in class and applying them in your tutoring for a week, please post a 250-word response to the questions found online for that week on Friday of the following week. To earn one hour of training credit, you must BOTH attend class and do an online posting!

*Master Tutor Observation Paper

New tutors are to observe a “Master Tutor” during one session and write a one page (double spaced) report on the techniques you observed the tutor using. This assignment is due to your supervisor by Friday, March 20.

Credit for the class may be earned by attending 10 of the 13 training sessions, completing the weekly journal entries, and completing other evaluations as notified by e-mail. NEW TUTORS are also to complete the three online training modules and the Master Tutor Observation Paper.

Sometime during the semester you will be observed by your supervisor as you work. An evaluation will be completed and feedback given at a one-on-one meeting you should schedule with your supervisor within 48 hours of the observation.

Certified tutors at Level 2 who wish to reach the 3rd Level of “Master Tutor” will need to meet with their supervisor to discuss a “capstone project” to complete by the end of the semester.

If you quit tutoring and no longer attend class, you must officially withdraw from the course or it will show up as an “unofficial withdrawal” on your transcript.

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