Tutee Responsibilites

Before the Tutor Session:

  1. Read all assigned material.
  2. Attempt all homework assignments. Take notes on problem areas or list questions you have. You and your tutor will work more efficiently if you are specific about your needs. Do not come with "Cold Homework!"

For a Successful Session:

  1. Always bring your textbook and your notes from lectures. If you are receiving turoring in math, also bring a calculator and the preoblems you have attempted to solve.
  2. Expect to be actively involved in working problems and discussing class material. Your tutor will not lecture or intorduce new material.
  3. Ask the tutor to re-state or re-explain anything that you did not understand. Dont’t fake it. This is your time to become very clear about the course material.
  4. Tell the tutor if she/he is moving too quickly through the material. Only you will know how to set the correct pace.

Between Tutor Sessions:

  1. Continue to attend all class sessions. This is required!
  2. Continue to read, attempt to complete all assignments, and write down questions that you want to discuss with your tutor.
  3. Attend the Supplemental Instruction sessions when available.


  1. Read and sign a Contract at the first session.
  2. To cancel a session, NOTIFY your tutor or the Appointment Tutoring Center (801-626-7484) at least two (2) hours BEFORE your scheduled appointment.
  3. Children accompanying tutees to tutoring sessions are not permitted. Please make appropriate child-care arrangements.


Tutoring is NOT a substitution for class attendance and participation. You MUST be attending class to receive tutoring.

A Final Important Work:

Our resources are very limited! Cancelations and “no-shows” are a problem. If you must cancel an appointment, please notify your tutor or the Appointment Tutoring Center office at 801-626-7484 as soon as you are aware of a problem. Please be considerate of your tutor and your fellow students. Don’t be a “no-show”!