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No Math Mastry tests will be given during finals

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Questions related to the developmental mathematics program and placement should be sent to

What is the Math Mastery Exam?

This exam includes content that will enable students to place into Math 0950, Math 0990, Math 1010, or Math courses which have Math 1010 as prerequisite. It will not fulfill the Quantitative Literacy requirement.

How many times can I take the Math Mastery Exam?

Eligible students will be able to take the Math Mastery Exam UP TO 2 TIMES WITHIN A 12 MONTH PERIOD during their college career at Weber State University.

Am I eligible to take the Math Mastery Exam?

Any student who wants to challenge his or her placement into a developmental math course can take the Math Mastery Exam.

Can I take the exam remotely?

If you live more than 50 miles from the Ogden or Davis campus you may request the Math Mastery Exam be sent to your location. When you REGISTER, check the box for Distant Exams and fill out the proctor information. You will receive an email once the test is sent. If you have questions contact Terry at 801-626-6645 or

What is the format of the Math Mastery Exam?

The Math Mastery Exam offers 20 – 25 problems, per math course level, similar to a final exam for that course. The test is administered using the same software platform as used in MyMathLab. This is not a multiple choice test. You will type your answers with the help of the symbol pallet in the software.

Can I try to pass more than one course level with the Math Mastery Exam?

Yes. If you get 80% or better on a course level test, you can attempt to pass the next course level. You should start at the level in which you were placed. For example, if you were placed in Math 950, you should take the Math 950 Math Mastery Test. If you pass that test, you move on to the Math 990 test, and so on. If you do not pass any attempted test, your original placement does not change. You are allotted a single testing session of four hours to complete the tests.

Is there a time limit on the Math Mastery Exam?

Yes. You are limited to a four-hour block of time within which you must complete all course levels you are attempting to pass.

How high can I place if I take the Math Mastery Exam?

You can place into Math 0990, Math 1010, Math 1060, or Quantitative Literacy (Math 1030, Math 1040, Math 1050, or Math 1080) by scoring at least 80% on the respective test levels.

You may test out of multiple course levels using the Math Mastery Exam, however you have only one sitting in which to take the test. This means that if you start with and pass the Math 0950 Mastery exam, you may attempt the Math 0990 Mastery exam before you leave the testing room. Once you leave the testing room, your one-time Mastery Exam session is completed.

You cannot test out of Quantitative Literacy because the test does not include that content.

When does the Math Mastery Exam placement expire?

The Math Mastery Exam score is valid for two years following the date of the exam.

When do I get my results and when are they posted to my record?

Results will be shared with you immediately following the exam. Results will be posted to your student record the following business day.

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