Krystal Garner


Position: Arts and Humanities Senator

Why Did You Want This Position?

Being a student I know how hard it is to find your niche, that one thing you’re both good at and love to do. Until I decided on a communication major within the College of Arts and Humanities I felt like I was missing that important aspect in my life. Knowing what you want is important, having your voice heard and getting what you want is different. As the Arts and Humanities Senator, I feel like I can represent students with the same enthusiasm and commitment that they apply in pursuing their education.

Is it what you expected when you initially learned about the position?

I have loved being on Student Senate. I think that my initial thoughts on Student Senate have been far exceeded. Being able to be a voice for students has allowed me to become a better leader and a better individual. My experiences I have had in senate have made a huge impact on my life and I am continuously impressed with what I learn from being involved.

Does it take away from schoolwork? Does it enhance it?

More than anything else I think that being involved with WSUSA helps my education. I am able to better manage my time and I have found that I am dedicated and motivated in my classes. I think that being in a leadership role has enhanced my education.

What would you tell other students about your experience with WSUSA?

If I were to give any sort of advice to other students about WSUSA it would be to get involved. I would encourage them not to hesitate to step out of their comfort zone. The experiences I have learned have helped me immensely not only here at WSU but in all aspects of my life, and it could do the same for other WSU students.

Benefits of Getting Involved
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