Student Involvement & Leadership

2014-2015 Senate Elections

March 31 - April 3

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African American Senator

Jennifer Wyllie

My name is Jennifer Wyllie and I would love to run for the African- American Senate seat. I am a Non- Traditional student who takes great pride in attending Weber State University. My major is Criminal Law and I attend school full time while working and taking care of my two sons. I would like to think that I am fully vested in my time here at Weber State. I take every opportunity that I can to participate in community service here on Campus and in my personal community. It has been my pleasure to be the current President of the 1st I enjoy being a part of the clubs and campus life in general. Making friends in all my classes has helped me to learn to appreciate the diversity that Weber State has to offer. I am funny, take my friendships seriously, loyal, ambitious, and never settle for just the word NO.

My platform is to keep African-Americans here on Campus and those who are thinking about coming to our fine Institution informed. This will help them not only make the most of their college experience but also for the rest of their lives. To be able to keep them involved in service and to make sure that they know the opportunities that they have here and in the community to help them achieve their success and enjoy their experience. To be informed is to have the knowledge to succeed. Generation Club and the Events Coordinator for BSU (Black Scholars United).


American Indian Senator

Evan Chief

My name is Evan Chief. I was born and raised in Monument Valley, Utah. I am a full-blooded Navajo. I am currently living in Ogden, Utah. Where I am attending Weber State University. I am majoring in Electronic Engineering and currently residing the position of presidency in the American Indian Council club. I am trying to succeed in the best of my abilities in both academic and governance of responsibilities. I have been challenging myself to become better, and in hope to inspire others to take on their weaknesses.






Asian Senator

Juhi Dubal

Hi my name is Juhi Dubal. My major is Medical Laboratory Science with a minor in Chemistry and Dance.

Platform Statement:

I’m committed to Weber State University’s (WSU) student population and my constituency. With the many years of experience as a student and staff member of WSU, including the Multicultural Student Center, I’ve gained the skills and abilities needed to demonstrate the qualities necessary for the position I’m running for. Weber State is about diversity and access to education, which are concepts I also value. There are contributions I can make that will help my community and all the individuals involved with WSU.




Education and Leadership Experience:

  • Weber State Student  (August 2011 - present)
  • Peer Mentor at Multicultural Student Center (MSC)   (May 2013 - present)
  • Peer Assistant Lead at MSC   (July 2012 – November 2012)
  • Tasty Thursday Project Manager   (May 2013 – present)
  • Community Service Day volunteer as BSU Community Affairs Chair Representative   (2013)

Professional Activities and Honors:

  • Feminists United Network (FUN) President   (2013 - present)
    FUN believes that aspects of inequality within our society do need changing, we also participate in the established government and political systems that already are in place. FUN is not interested in creating a completely new system of operation for our society, but rather just wants equal rights and opportunities for all within our social system.
  • Black Scholars United (BSU) Former President   (Summer - Fall 2013)
    To promote leadership and education through economic, social and cultural development of a more ethnically diverse student body within the community.


College of Applied Science & Technology Senator

Jared Smith

I have been a resident of Ogden and a proud supporter of Weber State University ever since I can remember. I love this great community and I love everything about Weber State. I want Weber State to succeed in every way possible. To become more involved in Weber State’s activities and events, I am running for the College of Applied Science and Technology (COAST) Senator position.

Being a WSUSA Senator will help me show my commitment and love for Weber State. My goal is to help every student feel a greater sense of belonging and pride for this great university. I want to help organize, plan, and encourage students to get involved in the vast number of activities Weber State has to offer. I will be dedicated to making this great university even better!

Weber State, Weber State, Great! Great! Great!!!



College of Arts & Humanities Senator

Jamie Heiner

Why should you vote Jaime?

I’m not going to “dance” around the issues you bring me, I’m not just here to “sing” my own praises, and I promise to use proper English and punctuation. I put the “human” in humanities, because you can come up and talk to me anytime. Because I’m a communications major, I know how to talk and how to listen. Allow me to paint you a picture of what it would be like to have me as your senator.

Imagine you notice yet another broken door handle in Elizabeth Hall. Who do you call? Your friendly neighborhood Arts and Humanities Senator: Me. I will make sure that your voice is heard in senate sessions, and will be accessible to you at any time.

I have a love for government that started when, as a high school senior, I was elected to go to Washington, D.C. I met our representatives as well as the President of the United States. Since that experience, I have developed a passion for positive change, and believe that being the Senator for the College of Arts and Humanities is the perfect way to do that here at Weber State.

For the past year, I have worked as Senate Secretary and have an extensive knowledge of Senate proceedings. I have seen how much time is required of senators and am prepared to make that commitment in order to best represent you. I believe that we are no longer “just Weber”, we are WEBER, and that is something to be proud of. I believe that every student who steps foot on campus should have their voice heard, whether it’s a small issue such as fixing the hot water heaters, or whether it’s an issue that affects 400 students across campus such as the Developmental Math hold that senate resolved this year.

It’s not about me, it’s about you. And I want to see all that we can do. I want to “serve” as your senator, I’ll “hit” that issue like Roger Fedderer. All because I am interested in making your experience at Weber the best it can be. Let”s work together, so vote for me.

Questions or issues? Feel free to email me at


Ashlee Cawley

Hello, Arts and Humanities students! I’m an English major who enjoys studying languages and the arts! You should elect me to as your student senator for the following reasons:

1. My leadership experience will enable me to address your concerns

As your senator, I will represent your voice in student senate. I have three years of leadership experience in different areas of campus, including a director position in Weber State Student Association and a peer mentor in the Multicultural Student Center—this means I’m very familiar with Weber State’s departments, resources, and staff. If you have suggestions or concerns, I won’t waste time trying to figure out what department to contact or who to talk to. I can quickly get down to solving the problem and addressing it in senate.


2. I’m passionate about representing Arts and Humanities Students

We have amazing Arts and Humanities Programs at Weber State! Our students do impressive work in performing arts, visual arts, English, foreign languages, and communications. I love this college and I’m passionate about the work of student senate. I pledge to do everything in my power to make sure our views are accurately represented.

3. I will increase communication between senate and our students

While I appreciate the great work of past senators, I promise to increase the communication between senate and students so we will make the changes you want to see! I won’t hesitate to ask permission to come to classes to speak about issues I know Arts and Humanities students will be impacted by. I will actively seek out opinion from our college.

I would be honored to represent you in the 2014-2015 school year. When you think of Arts and Humanities, think Ashlee Cawley!


Jacob Dame

These are the reasons Jacob Dame felt inclined to serve you in the Senate:

To give a voice to those who feel hopeless about changing aspects of their education and experience at Weber. I have been there. And nobody deserves to be there. I can change that for you. Some have minor grievances or complaints; others want to change entirely aspects of their education. If elected, you can call me or email me, and we will meet together and work out a plan for action.

It is time. Weber State University’s College of Arts and Humanities’ name is being uttered all across the nation at an unprecedented frequency. We are students that must take advantage of this burgeoning reputation and let the world know that we have things to say – that we are not anything close to mediocre.

I have a passion for reform. Change does not come with a slip of paper dropped into a suggestion box. It comes with persistence and work. And I am ready to make time to do that work for you.

To change the way students are able to present their work to their community. We must let the people of the entire state – not just those who live east of Washington Boulevard – know that Weber State is home to some amazing people expressing some amazing things about humanity.

You deserve change. It is not about me. It is about you and the reality that you deserve change. You deserve an improved education and experience as a student artist. You are not a psychology major, or a physical therapy major, and you do not deserve to be treated like one. You deserve to be treated like an artist.

Whether your tools are a pen and pencil, a bow, a stylus, a paintbrush, your diaphragm, your entire body or your hands, Jacob Dame will not rest until you have what you deserve. We don’t belong to Ogden. We are not confined to the Ogden valley. We belong to the world, and we are not confined to any place.

Vote for Jacob Dame


College of Business & Economics Senator

Gregory Woodfield

Fellow Business Students of Weber State,

Can you, as a business major, with a surety say that you’re involved? If so, wonderful! If not, its time to elect me as your Senator and see a change in your WSU experience for the better. Student involvement is crucial to your success, and being involved in a club that is specific to your program gives you opportunities to excel in your future career.

My goal, when elected, is to help you to establish business connections. How? Help you recognize opportunities to be involved in business clubs such as WEA, WMA, SEA, BITS, BAP, SASCM, ODE, SHRM, SEA, Wildcat Investors and Beta Gamma Sigma.

Elect me, as your Senator and you will find that you’ll become a business major with direction and focus on your life pursuits. I will commit my time, focus and sincere attention to fulfill your needs and goals.

Personally, I own two businesses and have worked as an office manager over four employees carrying out training and payroll. I was a part of the WEA and WMA here at Weber State and Entrepreneur Club up at Utah State. This has given me direction and confidence in the future of my business career. I hold High Honors at Weber State, and am currently the Northern Utah sales representative for Mountain Alarm and the director of social media for three companies. I promise experience and a fresh perspective.

Your opportunity is NOW!
How do you see your future?

Elect Gregory Woodfield for Business Senator


Kurt Kunzler

Fellow Goddard School of Business and Economics students, I will be running for the senate position and would highly appreciate your vote.

I was born and raised Ogden Utah, My parents and older sister have attended Weber State University… so you know I love it! I have a sincere desire to serve in the Goddard School in order to better your experience here. I have a passion for business, education and getting to know people. I promise I will work hard to improve your experience at the Goddard school and accurately represent us to the rest of the University.

I have the experience. I current own two businesses, small but significant. I understand the stress, pressure and responsibilities that you have. I understand what a business or economics student needs and is passionate about. I am a member of various clubs including: SEA, WEA and BAP.


I want to help you feel important and included at our school, not isolated. I desire to create opportunities for friendships to be made at our events. I do not want you to come and go without feeling like you are valued and important to the school and it’s students.

I am an accounting major, I know how bad you desire job experience and networking opportunities and I will help provide them for you. We are all here to gain knowledge and experience to provide us with future success in life. It is necessary that you get the knowledge and experience that you are PAYING for. Please let me help you to achieve your goals and desires. I will do my best!

I listen, that is a strength I am very proud of. I want this to be about YOU! For a while I had a hard time feeling included and a part of the Goddard school. I want to change that for YOU. I really want to be the channel between the Faculty, administration and YOU. I will listen to YOU, my fellow students and do my best to make your desires become reality. Talk to me anytime; please feel free to send suggestions, questions and concerns to I hope to make your experience worthwhile with: Meaningful events, speakers, networking opportunities and accountability from clubs and organizations.

Thank you for your time.

To your future prosperity,

Kurt Kunzler


College of Health Professions Senator

Kami May

Are you sick of worrying about school problems? Let me help with some of those! While I can’t take your nursing test for you, or show you how to properly intubate someone, I can take all of the little things that need changing and fix those for you. I want to be the Health Professions Senator because I understand how hard it is to get a degree from our college, and I want to make it easier. We demand a massive amount of dedication from ourselves and our professors demand even more. So why sweat the stuff small? Instead you could just tell me, and then know it was handled. Those little things being solved could add up to the big thing that helps you graduate, and there is nothing I want more to see.

Well now you know why I want to be senator, but how qualified am I? This past year I have served as the Residence Hall senator in WSUSA. Because of that, I do have knowledge of how the system works and how to bring issues before the Body of the Senate. I also was the president of RHA in Housing. The RHA is designed to take small housing issues from student and fix them, or help come up with methods to help them.

I have a deep love for health professions. There is nothing more rewarding for me than helping someone who has a problem, and this is why I want to be a surgeon. But just like any other medical team, we all need each other to function and I would be honored to be part of your team. Knowing that I played a small part in your success in any way would make all the time I’ve spent on your behalf completely worth it.

So if you have Wildcat Fever, just vote for me! Why? Because I’m just what the doctor ordered.


Michelle Diez

My name is Michelle Diez, and I am pursing a BS in Health Administration. I am also a Pre-Med student, and a current junior at Weber State University.

Platform Statement

In pursue of becoming a senator I plan to use my senate term to focus on achieving the duties of a senator by bringing the voice of the students to senate. Helping students and figuring out what their concerns are is something that I feel is very important, and by focusing on what we need to improve we expand and grow our university to make it the best that it can be. I’ve been involved with many clubs, organizations, and departments on campus, and I am committed to making Weber State the best it can be.

Weber State, Weber State, GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!


Leadership Experience

  • Team Lead for the Multicultural Student Center   2013 - Present
  • Community Affairs Director for Black Scholars United   2013 - Present
  • Vice President of Feminist United Network   2014 - Present
  • Arts and Lectures Chair for Student Involvement and Leadership   2012 - 2013
  • Scholar Officer for Hispanic Area Council   2011 - 2012

University and Community Involvement

  • American Medical Student Association   2011 - Present
  • Ballroom Dance Club   2013 - Present
  • McKay Dee Hospital Guest Home Volunteer   2013 - Present
  • Goal Foundation Volunteer   2011 - Present
  • Crystal Crest Committee Member    2011 - 2013
  • Volunteer Recruiter and Community Activist for AmeriCorps   2012 - 2013
  • Emerging Leaders Scholar    2011 - 2012

College of Science Senator

Daniel Atkinson

Even if I weren’t your only option I would still be your only option.
Daniel Atkinson
24 years old
Pre-Dental student
Aspiring YMCMB (young money cash money billionaire)
Single(HMU PYT’s)... but seriously

What qualifies me to be your senator includes but is not limited to the following:

I am nice, extremely cool, Zoology Major, and Chemistry Minor



I’ve been up in science land for the past three years now that’s a fact. You know what else is a fact? Science. You know what else else is a fact? You’re going to vote for me. I hope I can have a positive influence in my time as the Senator for the College of Science.


Chelsea Bybee

My name is Chelsea Bybee; my Major is Medical Laboratory Sciences with minors in Chemistry & Microbiology

Platform Statement:

Science is always evolving, and we too as students. My name is Chelsea Bybee and I would love to represent you as the College of Science Senator. A senator’s most important duty is to be the voice of the constituency. I believe in our voice, as scholars we can make a difference. Being a science major or minor is tough and I understand the challenges that are brought upon you. The past three years as a student I have spent the most time focusing on my science courses and been involved with various departments on campus. I have grown to know the processes involved with Weber State’s College of Science programs. My experiences involving various trainings, event coordinating, community outreach and leadership opportunities, as well as diverse staff and student involvement makes me qualified to understand the needs required for the position of Science Senator.

I believe in us and I would like you to believe in me. As students, we underestimate the power we possess to make our college experience and education better. Allow me the opportunity to make a difference and please vote!

Thanks for your time!!

Education and Professional Experience:

  • WSU Student     (2011 - present)
  • Tasty Thursday Event Project Manager     (2012 - present)
  • WSU Multicultural Student Center Peer Mentor     (2012 - present)
  • Certified Phlebotomist     (2013 - present)
  • WSU Multicultural Student Center Peer Assistant     (2011 - 2012)
  • WSU Multicultural Student Center Community Outreach Committee Co-Chair     (2011 - 2012)

Professional Activities and Honors:

  • Feminists United Network (FUN) Vice-President    (2013 - present)
    FUN believes that aspects of inequality within our society do need changing; we also participate in the established government and political systems that already are in place. FUN just wants equal rights and opportunities for all within our social system.
  • Black Scholars United (BSU) member    (2013 - present)
    To promote leadership and education through economic, social and cultural development of a more ethnically diverse student body within the community
  • Crystal Crest Award Finalist: Wildcat Achievement     (2013)

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Senator

Val Torena

Davis Campus Senator

Tyler Hall

Top 5 wildcat issues:

1. Davis shuttle
2. Hub overcrowding
3. Smoking on campus
4. Only having to worry about passing classes
5. Increased awareness of how to handle issues at WSU






Graduate Student Senator

Solmaz Hosseinnia

Hello, Weber State students! I appreciate your time for voting today!

My name is Solmaz Hosseinnia. I am student of Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Weber State University and I am running for WSU Graduate Student Senator. After serving around one year as a graduate student senator I feel passionate about WSUSA as a whole and I loved Weber and wildcats. Weber gave me the opportunity to get involved in community and have the experience of being the voice of my constituents and other fellow students. I believe in student’s opinions and their ability to change whatever they want to change!

I am running for graduate student senator position to be the student’s voice and represent their concerns and serve them with the best of my experience and knowledge.



Leadership Positions:

  • Graduate Student Senator at Weber State University     (2013 - 2014)
  • WSUSA Senate Academic Affairs Committee member     (2013 - 2014)
  • Educational secretary of foreign students at Osmania University (India)     (2011 - 2013)
  • WOSY member (World Organization of Students and Youths)     (2012 - 2013)

In addition to the comprehensive program I am attending at Weber State University, I also graduated as a Software Engineer. My work experience along with my multi-cultural communication skills have adequately prepared me to efficiently discharge my job responsibilities and adjust to ever-changing conditions.

My past success as a volunteer member of the World Organization of Students and Youths (WOSY) in India came as a result of my strong commitment and sense of professionalism. I keep high working standards and I am known for my ability to follow through.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet or be in touch with more students (especially graduate students) and hear from them about their concerns and be their voice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you for your time!


Hispanic Senator

Andrea Salcedo

My name is Andrea Salcedo and I am running to hopefully represent you as the 2014-15 Hispanic Senator. I am passionate about helping others and being a part of the Student Senate would allow me the opportunity to do so on a larger scale by serving as the representative of my constituency. I want to help voice the concerns, opinions, and needs of the Hispanic/Latino students to the university.

I have been a part of the Hispanic Area Council since the beginning of my freshmen year, each year being an active member and officer. I have served as the scholar officer, secretary, and currently president and senator. These positions have allowed me to watch great leaders within WSUSA in action as well as give me leadership experience. I fell in love with Weber State by being involved and my experience has been great. I now want to make the experience of my fellow Hispanic/Latino students better in any way possible as they make their journey in earning their degree.

If elected I will make myself available to the Hispanic/Latino students, it is important that students know that there is someone they can go to that will listen when they encounter an issue. I will work to inform the Hispanic/Latino students of the issues that impact their education. I am committed to helping the students of Weber State to feel heard and valued. I may not be the loudest individual out there but I genuinely care for students and I will strive to be a strong voice for my constituency.

Honors/BIS Senator

Jordan Smith

I am Jordan Smith and I love Weber State University! There are very few who are louder or more proud to be a Wildcat than I. Over the last four years I have been heavily involved on campus. I currently serve as Weber State University's Club Sports Chair. I am a pre-med AMSA mentor, President of the Weber State Weight Lifting Club, Encompass Hospice Volunteer, member of the Billiards Club, and sports enthusiast. There are many big changes coming to campus and a lot of them directly involve the Honors and the Bachelor of Integrated Studies programs. The planned renovations to the library and the construction of the Tracy Hall Science Center are just a few. Don't leave these crucial changes up to a senator who has not studied the issues. Over my four years on campus I have practically lived out of the science labs and the library. I know have listened to student concerns and have many of my own. I know the library needs more power access for laptops and tablets. I know group studies rooms need more space and many students want more places to relax and lounge. I would be honored to be your Bachelor of Integrated Studies/Honors Senator!



Clarence Kelley

My name is Clarence Kelley but I have gone by my nickname Boomer ever since I was born. I have been here at Weber for three years now and have been in the BIS and Honors program for the past two years now. My three emphases for the BIS are Public Administration, Business Administration and Health Administration Services. Like many of you in the BIS program, I know that answering a simply question of what you are studying at Weber can turn into a lengthy answer since you usually have to explain what the BIS is and then what your three areas are. As an honor student, I also know the value of a quality education and wanting to get an education that you enjoy and can use to succeed in whatever areas that you want to succeed in.

My platform for the BIS/Honors senator is relatively simple: I want to do all that I can to help promote both programs to students at Weber and in the community. I think it’s important that students know about these programs and the benefits that a student can receive from either one of these. I would like to see more students qualify and apply for these programs because the success of both these programs will increase because the best marketing tool for Weber State are the students themselves. As students gain the education and skills that they want and need to know to succeed, they will be better equipped to be successful in life after graduation.


International Students Senator

Hasan Nezam

I am Hasan Nezam, I am an international student from Syria. I am a Supply Chain Management major. This is my junior year and I am expecting to graduate in summer 2015. I have been working for the LEAP office as a lab assistant for two years on campus. My main job is helping the international students with homework assignments, composing class papers, and demonstrating Weber State University’s registration system. Furthermore, I have acquired from my current work a great amount of experience dealing with international students; therefore, I decided to run for the international students senator. My goal from this position is to hold a regular meeting with international students on a weekly basis to discuss their problems and complaints, Introduce international student problems and complaints to the necessary faculty at school, and solve problems and grant more scholarships for the international student who deserve it. Moreover, I will involve international students in services and events where they can learn and build their resume.

In my opinion, international students do not have a lot of activities throughout the year compared to other schools in the nation. I am planning to coordinate and offer trips within the state to gather and introduce international students to each other throughout the year. Moreover, these activities will provide the international student a great experience about college life and introduce them to different places around Utah where they can have a lot of fun. I believe that with my experience with international students, I will successfully change for the college atmosphere for the international students at school.


Delaram Hajhassan


Mohammad Jebelli


Non-Traditional Senator

Parviz Nadri

Hello, my name is Parviz Nadri. 28 years Old Iranian Student, My major is in Mechanical Engineering. I’m running for the position of Non-Traditional senator on campus. Weber has given me the chance to pursue my passion. I have been involved in many community activities as well as being international tourism ambassador for three years. This has given me experience to be able to communicate and build relation with everyone. I care communication, the experience I have gained has taught me to analyze a given situation and apply critical thinking skills in problem solving. My experience has also molded me into a strong leader who understands the importance of a collaborative team effort. I will make the necessary effort to reach out to the student body and make their voices heard.

My Philosophy
Not one but I have a few....



  1. “Quitters never win, and Winners never quit”
  2. “Dreams are like may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.”
  3. “A small present is much bigger than a big promise.”
  4. “Don't know about you, but right about now, I'm counting my blessings”
  5. “La vida es dura”

and once I read
Happiness is always there within reach, no matter how long it lasts..... Let’s enjoy life and don’t live a complicated life. Life is too short. Work as if it was your first day. Forgive as soon as possible. Love without boundaries... Laugh without control and never stop smiling.


Sandi K. Weber

My name is Sandi K. Weber, and I am seeking reelection as your Weber State Nontraditional Student Senator. I am a Senior majoring in Human Resource Management as well as a 32-year-old single mother of two. As the past Community Chair on the WSUSA Diversity Board and this year’s current Nontraditional Student Senator, I have had the opportunity to develop new leadership skills, build an open relationship with my fellow students, and am working diligently to contribute to the lives of others. I love Weber State University and the student body I serve.

Nontraditional students make up 57% of the Weber State University student body and need active, involved, reliable representation. As their voice I will continue to keep an open door policy with my constituents by sustained involvement on a regular basis in the Nontraditional Student Center. I am currently facilitating monthly Nontrad Town Hall Meetings which provide the opportunity for students to share their concerns and dreams for Weber State and for me to put that input to work. In keeping with the Mission of the Nontraditional Student Center, I will assist students in feeling recognized, valued, and connected to the Weber State Community by increasing awareness of the wide variety of programs available to assist students in becoming successful. I hope to inspire my fellow Wildcats to become involved on campus in areas which are meaningful to them.


Pacific Islander Senator

Jared Shaw

My name is Jared Shaw, and I wish to represent the Pacific Islanders of Weber State University as Senator. Although admittedly I do not have much leadership experience, I have spent over twenty years living in the Pacific; as I was born and raised in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Coming from a diverse background (Maori, Samoan, and European descent) I have come to know the importance of sharing culture with others.

For this reason, one of my goals is to share our rich culture with students on campus. I also plan to establish an area council, in order to know how we can strengthen the Pacific Islander community here at Weber State University. Most importantly I want to motivate my fellow students to set high academic goals and standards.

If I am given this opportunity I will do the best I can to serve the students I will be representing.




Residence Halls Senator

Robert Wardrop

My name is Robert Wardrop and I love Weber State. I also love living on campus and being so close to the organization that plays such a large role in my life. I care about where I live and where I study, I feel that being involved is very important. It goes without saying that democratic system we have allows for everyone to have a say. I want to be the kind of person that can be that voice for us.

If elected to the Student Senate I will work hard to make sure that we are represent and our voice is heard as I feel we care the most about our campus. I will make sure that our parking needs are understood and addressed.

I also want to student fees low, with as much as college cost we everyone needs to be aware of a student’s budget. Let’s work hard to keep these costs down and keep the funds that are needed on campus.

Let’s make sure the people that care most about Weber State decide what is going on with Weber State.


Anastasia Austin

Hello Wildcats! My name is Anastasia Austin and I am running for Housing Senator. I love Weber State and I have lived in the campus housing for two years now. The residence halls are not just dorms, they are temporary homes. Residents deserve to feel safe and important and have their voice heard. Being the residence halls senator would allow me to aid in that. I have the time to commit and the motivation to bring about change. I want to be here to bring a voice to the residents, to listen and bring up concerns, and make the residence halls a home away from home.






Students with Disabilities Senator

Melissa Reese

My name is Melissa Reese and I am the acting “Students with Disabilities” senator. This past year has been filled with amazing experiences that have made me a better senator. My goal has always been to bring awareness about student with disabilities. We are no different then any other student on campus. “We just learn a little differently,” is what I tell people. Although having a disability can be hard at times, if you have someone in your corner at WSU it always helps. I am your advocate for student issues on campus. I want to help you if you need my help. I will have my email posted in both offices if you need to get a hold of me. I will continue to dedicate my time to awareness for students with disabilities not only for students, but for professors as well. As your senator I say to you “My name is Mel and I want to help make your life swell.”




Traditional Senator

Sam Howe

I have a burning desire to represent the students at Weber State as the Traditional Student Senator. I am among students every day in my classes or working on campus and I know what issues they face. I talk with them everyday about Weber and their successes and problems with school, clubs, or work. I have a great aptitude for creating various solutions to problems and I adapt quickly to whatever situations I am placed in. Not only do I understand what students are going through, I talk to and inform students of upcoming policy changes and events/activities that are relevant to them. I will also seek their input on college improvements and initiatives to take before the Senate . I will represent all the traditional students equally and fairly because I have deep relationships with various and diverse people and I am not afraid to make new friendships.

I already have exceptional experience in the Weber State University Student Association (WSUSA) as the LEAD Team Director on the Leadership Team and I know how to work hard, get things done, and how to lead. I’ve worked on large leadership conferences such as multiple years of Project Lead and other leadership conferences, but also on smaller, more personal trainings with students through Strengths Quest.

I know I will be an excellent representative for traditional students because I am concerned with the overall college experience each student receives. College is what you make of it and although I have already made my college experience a fantastic one, I want to do the same for the traditional students of WSU by helping them have a voice and promoting the changes they want to happen with their school. I understand what it means to be a senator and I am committed to execute my responsibilities until the last minute in my office. Put me in office and I will work for you and improve our great, great, great Weber State!


Sammuel Hobbs

Sammuel Hobbs. Born of goodly parents, with a Carpenter for a Father and a School Teacher for a Mother, I was raised on a farm west of Ogden. My love for the community I have grown up in has propelled me to continue my future at WSU.

I have a natural tendency to reach out and meet new people where I enjoy establishing relationships with them. I love working in collaborative settings being able to listen to and positively encourage others to accomplish their dreams. Through my gregarious personality I get to know a wide variety of people from various backgrounds, which enables me to stay informed of many events or situations that are happening around campus. As your senator, my first and foremost responsibility will be to represent the best interest for your overall experience at Weber State.

I would be a great representative as the Traditional Student Senator for many reasons, in fact, I am already the true definition of Traditional! Being affiliated with many activities both on and off campus provides me with the opportunity to diversify my education and level of understanding with many fellow students. As follows, I am:

  • Traditional – 23 yrs. old, Junior in college, and single.
  • Commuter – I live over 10 miles away from campus and deal with the same complications of parking.
  • Volunteer – Latinos in Action, WSUSA, proud supporter of WSU activities.
  • GAINS – I go for them, all kinds of gains!
  • Resource Hog – I frequently use the library, gym, cafeteria, computer lab, and union building... not to mention the parking stalls, sidewalks, and restrooms.
  • Full-Timer – I carry a full academic load of 15 credits per semester.
  • Part-Timer – I hold down a part-time job while attending school.
  • RM – México! Bueno!
  • LDSSA – Yes, I belong to the Institute, serving in the committees.

In essence the point I’m trying to make is that I am the most qualified candidate for Traditional Student Senator. I bleed purple. As previously stated, I am the true definition of tradition serving with ambition and vision to complete fruition.


Veteran Senator

Kyle Poppitz

Veterans are the most diverse group of individuals on campus. We vary in different ethnic backgrounds, life styles, disciplines and ages, but one thing unites us: our contributions and sacrifices. My name is Kyle Poppitz and I feel proud to be listed among these ranks.

Having served in the National Guard for seven years (one of which was on deployment), I am well aware of the difficulty that comes with being a student and a soldier. Being a soldier that utilizes their education benefits, I understand just how daunting it is to make the transition towards school. As a student who has taken semesters off to better figure out life, I am actively aware just what kinds of challenges come with living in both worlds.

Veterans are a resilient bunch, and I am constantly surprised with the things we can accomplish. I have personally worked with some of the most interesting people in my life, and that never would have happened if I never joined the services. These are the people I want to represent on campus, and these are the people whose rights I want to advocate.

I work in Veteran’s Affairs office on campus and I am familiar with every G.I. Bill. I have met a number of the students currently using benefits, and I hope that if I am to serve in this capacity as Veteran Senator, I can help facilitate a better atmosphere on campus. We have voices to be heard and stories to tell.

I don’t have all the answers, but I make it my mission to know where I can find them. It is my goal to educate where I can and to have a direction for the Veterans on our campus. It is important to me to create a network of soldiers who know each other and can support one another here at school.


John Rancifer

As Veterans Senator I will at all times be the median of all veterans at Weber State University directly to the WSUSA Senate and WSU administrative committees. I will ALWAYS be ready to listen to and discuss the feelings, opinions, and concerns of my fellow veterans, and do anything within my ability to benefit the veterans as well as the entire student body of Weber State University.






Amber Oaks

I am Amber Oaks, as your Veteran's Senator I wish to represent all military life on our Weber State University campus. Not only to organize a variety of events, but to make the learning experience at WSU more conducive to our needs. Heaven forbid, passing our classes is the only thing we are worried about each day. With your vote we can work together to accomplish this and all graduate together!


Weber State UniversityOgden, Utah 84408

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