Meet Your Davis Campus Branch Programming Board

The WSUSA Davis Programming Board represents the Davis campus student rights, interests, and opinions to the WSU faculty, staff, and administration. The team works to develop students’ skills in leadership, program organization, communication, initiative, and self-reliance. The branch also contributes opportunities for academic and extracurricular experiences and promotes student involvement in clubs, organizations, events, and activities.

  • Fall 2015 Event Program Coordinators
    • Elizabeth Adams
    • Christopher Anderson
    • Katherine Barcelo
    • Ciarin Carroll
    • Gabriel Castellanos
    • Seth Daimler
    • Hanna Ence
    • Alexis Marquez
    • Tristan Smithey
    • Maria Solis
    • Alexus Zoet
    • Jackie Mendoza
    • Hayley Tomney