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Blake Leeper
Olympic/Paralympic Games Medalist & American Bladerunner

  • Thursday, January 28, 2016
  • Wildcat Theater
  • Noon
  • Free and open to Public


Ever since Blake Leeper was a child, he has been determined to be a star athlete. Although Leeper was born a bilateral below-the-knee amputee, he was raised to believe the only disability in life is a bad attitude. Using prosthetics from an early age, he has overcome extreme obstacles. Through all the ups and downs, he has stayed true to himself and kept his eye on one ambition: to become the first American Paralympian to run in the able-bodied Olympic Games. With his sights set on Rio, Brazil in 2016, Leeper, known as “The American Bladerunner,” has a history of making people take notice. He continues to turn heads with his amazing performance on the track and in front of audiences when sharing his personal journeyof overcoming the odds.

Leeper donned prosthetic legs not only to walk, but to also participate in organized sports. He played varsity basketball in high school and then began honing his skills on the track once receiving a pair of customized running prosthetics. Since then, Leeper has been unstoppable. He has competed at several events, including Endeavor Games and the U.S. Paralympics Track & Field National Championships. In addition, he won both silver (400 meter) and bronze (200 meter) medals in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. After garnering such notable wins, he received a flood of endorsements, including ones from Nike, Fathead and Wheaties, as well as appearing on Good Morning America and Arsenio.

Being a member of Team USA is an honor to Leeper. He said, “It gives me a sense of importance, and a chance to compete and to be a competitor.” Leeper has always followed a bold path, which has allowed him to develop a “no exceptions” mindset. Putting himself to the test every day, he has become a strong, independent man with the confidence to follow his dreams. Now, Blake Leeper is intimately telling his story to audiences from all walks of life. His inspiring and powerful message will motivate others to never give up, discover their own ability to “find a way,” and reach their fullest potential.


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