Benefits Of Getting Involved With WSUSA

How Does Getting Involved Benefit Me?


All of our appointed and elected positions come with a scholarship or stipend to help you with your college education expenses. Each of the positions within WSUSA has a different stipend/scholarship amount. The amount is determined by the position and time commitment. See available positions for more information.

Increase Your Chances of Graduating

Students who get involved with WSUSA or any organization on campus are more likely to succeed, not only in school but also in obtaining their life and career goals. If actively involved in an organization you can easily translate your academic learning into other experiences, such as your career.

Meet New People & Have Fun!

Obviously we are all here to get an education. However, meeting new people is also a huge part of a campus lifestyle! It’s at college where you can truly meet diverse students, and foster new friendships and begin networking with people you may have never met before! The sky is the limit.

Build Your Resume

If you are thinking about moving on to graduate school, or pursuing a career out of college, having the experience of leadership through WSUSA or any club or organization on campus can give you the edge to get hired or accepted. Your education will look great on paper, but it is all the other things you did while getting your education that will put you over the top!

What WSUSA can and have done for you
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