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Kami May

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Major: Medical Laboratory Sciences

Campus involvement: I work as an Referee for Intramural Sports, I am involved with the Masters’ Swim Team, and I just was elected as Residence Hall Senator for 2013-2014.

Home town: Garden City, Utah

Favorite place on campus: Bell Tower Plaza, Marriot Health Building, Swenson Gym

Campus activities you would recommend to other students: Go to the sports events. They are so fun. Join Intermurals because they are a way to get active and have tons of fun with friends.

Pros and cons to your top recommendation:
Pros: You get to support your school and be a part of a great group of people who love sports too. Cons: Finding a good seat if you don’t show up early!

Super hero power you would want: Well technically it’s from Harry Potter but I consider it a super power, I wish I could Apparate. Because then I would never be late, I could just show up right on time for everything.


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