Rohan Vajupeyayajula


Student Job Title? Funyuns Allstar Fitness Class Instructor

What is your favorite part about the job? My favorite part of the job is all of it. I enjoy every moment of being at work because I know somewhere down the line, someone smiles because of what we do at the Wildcat Center. The vibes here are that of a warm summer day.

Would you continue doing this job as a career? Of course! Who doesn’t like to have fun? It is always good to take good aspects of everything you learn from and incorporate them to one’s life!

How did you find this job? I was working out at the gym and thought it would be nice to work there. I approached the fitness coordinator, Ken, and applied!

What would you be if money was of no concern? I would be as I am now. A kid with a dream to become an Olympic champion in weightlifting while having fun with all the people in my life.


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