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Mandie Barnes

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Major: Communications, Public Relations and Advertising

Campus involvement: I have been involved in a lot throughout my years here at Weber State University. I started out a regular student, and then got introduced to the Student Senate, that is honestly where my addiction started. I can’t get enough of being involved, I love being a part of as many activities as possible. I’ve been a part of the Student Senate, The Institute, Relay for Life, and The Nearly Naked Mile, even just going to Basketball and Football games have a sense of involvement. My most recent passion is being elected as the Leadership Vice President for 2012-2013. I never imagined being where I am today, and it all started with one invitation to get involved.

Home town: Clinton, UT

Favorite place on campus: This would have to be the Student Involvement Offices! It is sort of my second home. I enjoy spending my time there, getting my work done, and also visiting with the other leaders. I feel like we are a family and we all have a sense of belonging there.

Campus activities you would recommend to other students: I would really recommend any club, activity, or involvement to any student. I think as long as you get involved in SOMETHING outside of the classroom you are better off. I have loved being on the Senate so I would definitely direct people there, but it really just depends on their personality and then I could direct them to the right fit. With over one hundred clubs on campus, athletics, and WSUSA there is definitely a place for everyone.

Pros & cons of top recommendations: My top recommendation would have to be the Student Senate. Some of the pros to being involved in the Senate are that it really gives you the opportunity to get your voice heard and also to be the voice of other students. I have learned so much from being involved with the Senate. It really keeps you informed and it is exciting to see the changes that YOU can make to better your college experience, and also the college experience for others. There aren't too many cons to being involved with the Senate, other than it can take up a lot of your time. So it is important to be able to balance and manage it along with other activities.

Super hero power you would want: I would choose to fly! One thing I love is traveling, and gaining a larger perspective. If I could fly I could do that so much easier! I’d love to check out new places and learn more about the world and the people in it.


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