Alex Grimes

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Major: Information Systems & Technologies

Home town: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Favorite place on campus: Student Involvement & Leadership Office


Campus activities are you involved in: Vice President of Clubs & Organizations, WSUSA member, Real Salt Lake Supporters Club Member, Active participant in the Center for Community Engaged Learning.

Campus activities you would recommend to other students: Without a doubt, I would recommend getting involved in the Student Association (WSUSA). The experiences you gain in WSUSA, as a leader, event planner, team member, student and communicator are all worth the four years in college alone.
Also, joining a club is the easiest way to enhance the college experience and gain ownership of the University. There is an outlet for every interest on campus, and if there isn’t one already, any student has the power to create one.

Pros & cons to your top recommendation: The pros are tuition waivers, the ease of meeting new people, and the friendships created as a result of it.
The cons, although minimal, can be time commitment (e.g., weekly meeting, hosting activities) and travel expenses, such as gas. WSUSA is involved in almost everything at WSU, which might require frequent trips to campus.

Super hero power you would want: I’ve come to the conclusion that I would want to fly, due to process of elimination. I really don’t care to have X-Ray vision, because I’m scared of what I might see, and I definitely do not care to read peoples’ thoughts (almost just as scary). Flying would cut expenses on airfare, which would help me accomplish my goal of visiting all seven continents.


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