Hayley Tomney


Student Job Title: Davis Campus Peer Mentor

Favorite part of job: I enjoy helping people adjust to college life and to navigate University resources. It is really exciting to see the incoming students grow and be successful on campus.

Would you continue doing this job as a career?:  I want to go into Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a big part of that is meeting with clients and helping them find what they need to improve their company. As a peer mentor I do this on a smaller scale of meeting with students and helping them find the resources they need to have a positive university experience.

Campus activities are you involved in: I am on the Davis campus board for Student Leadership and Involvement as one of the event program coordinators. I also take advantage of the free yoga classes that are offered to students through the campus recreation department.

Campus activities you would recommend to other students: I really like going to the different speaker presentations on campus that different departments and clubs put on. I would also recommend getting involved with student leadership and clubs to make friends and get leadership experience.

Pros & cons of recommendations: I like the speakers because I get to learn about topics that are interesting, but they are only offered at a few times, so sometimes it’s hard to get them to fit into my schedule.

Super hero power you would want: I would want to teleport because then I would be able to get to class faster and still have time to chat with my friends.


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