Joni Lund

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Major: English Teaching

Campus involvement: I am a Lab Aide at the Writing Center, I am on the Weber Women's Lacrosse Team, and I am on the Institute's Publicity committee.

Home town: Huntsville, UT

Favorite place on campus: I have three, the Institute, and the Writing Center, and the art building.


Campus activities you would recommend to other students:I love going to Weber's basketball games and the dances. Weber also hosts a swing dance night in the Union once every two months that is fun!

Advice: Always be sure to ask questions! Many questions! That is how you will get your answers. You'll always be able to find the support you're looking for if you keep looking for it.


Super hero power you would want: I would have the power of flight. I think it would be fantastic to be able tot fly wherever I wanted. It would also be fun!


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