Staff Recognition

  • Asha Jones, Coordinator of the Student to Student Program, was honored by InSpire magazine as one of the “Top 40 Inspirers in America.”
  • Campus Living Villages recognized the collaboration with Weber State by awarding the CLV On-Campus Team and the Outstanding Partnership Award at the annual CLV Awards Banquet.
  • Carl Porter, Executive Director of Academic Support Centers and Programs was awarded the Regional ASPIRE Friend of ASPIRE award for his collaborative work with TRiO programs.
  • The men’s Soccer Club won the NCCS (National Campus Championship Series) national championship for the second time in the past three years.
  • Roxana Luna, Educational Talent Search Advisor, was awarded the Regional ASPIRE Rising Star Award for outstanding TRiO professionals who have worked in the field for less than two years.
  • The StrengthsQuest program at WSU and the L.E.A.D. Team were recognized by the Gallup Management Journal as one of the most innovative and best practice programs in the nation for the creation of a student lead training core.
  • The Women’s Rodeo Team is ranked #1 in the nation.

Division Award Winners

  • Toni Weight Lifetime Achievement Award: Carl Porter
  • Outstanding Individual Award (Staff): Larry Helmbrecht-LaPointe, Claire Nye, Cindy Meyer     
  • Outstanding Individual Award (Hourly): Jill Schenk, Shannon Allen, Angela McInelly
  • Outstanding Team Award:
    • ASCP Tutor Supervisor Committee: Lynnae Dopp, Leslie Loeffel, Prasanna Reddy, Claire Hughes, Jonathan Zempter, Dorothy Hill, Kathryn Strebel, Becky Sneddon
    • Student Engagement Task Force: Mark Adams, Erik Ashby, Angie Betancourt, Nancy Collinwood, Debbie Cragun, Leslie Loeffel, Dani McKean, Mike Moon, Carl Porter, Prasanna Reddy, Donalyn Sessions
  • Assessment Award: Nontraditional Student Center