Staff Presentations


  • Adrienne Gillespie, Diversity and Unity Center Coordinator, presented a session entitled “The Road to Student Affairs” at the NASPA Utah Conference. She also presented with Maria Parrilla de Kokal and Forrest Crawford at the 32nd Annual International Society for Teacher Educators Conference in Paro, Bhutan with their session entitled: “Diversity Education in Higher Education.”
  • Betty Sawyer, GEAR UP Director, and Ruth Patino Stubbs, Education Access and Outreach Director, presented a session entitled, “Best Practices in Creating Collaborative School Tutoring Programs” at the Regional ASPIRE Conference in October.
  • Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski, Director of the Community Involvement Center (CIC), presented a session entitled the “Youth Impact Partnership Project” at the Annual meeting for the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities in Indianapolis.
  • Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski, and Mike Moon, CIC Assistant Director, presented two sessions at the Annual Continuums of Service Conference in Seattle: “Institutionalizing Civic Engagement – The Next Level: Student Affairs-Academic Affairs Partnerships” and “Tiered Partnership Model: Formalizing Mutually Beneficial Community Partnerships.”
  • Brenda Marteller Kowalewski, Robb Hall, and Bob Okazaki presented a session on “Finding the Right Match: From Community Partner and Faculty Perspectives” at the Utah Campus Compact Faculty Retreat in Moab.
  • Brett Perozzi, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, was invited to present at the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Region 12 Conference on student learning and campus internationalization.
  • Carey Anson, Spencer Coleman and Clayton Oyler in the Student Affairs Technology Department presented at the NASPATech Technology Conference in October 2011. Their session was entitled “Creating a Divisional Technology Support Model through Student Leadership.”
  • Carl Porter, Executive Director of Academic Support Centers and Programs, and Prasanna Reddy, Director of Testing, Tutoring, and Supplemental Instruction, presented the following program at the SI International Conference: "Illuminate with Mutations and Permutations of the SI Model."
  • Carol Merrill, Women’s Center Director, presented at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders on “The Art of Leadership.” She was also invited to serve as the keynote speaker at the Family Advocacy Center’s Family Drug Court Graduation.
  • Daniel Turner, Outdoor Programs Coordinator, presented a session on the U.S. Forest Service permitting process at the Utah NIRSA Conference.
  • Jan Winniford, Vice President for Student Affairs, served as a faculty member for the NASPA Symposium for Women Aspiring to be a Senior Student Affairs Office in January 2012 where she presented a session on Contemporary Issues in Higher Education.
  • Jessica Oyler, Student Affairs Assessment Coordinator, presented a session entitled “The Student Loan Bubble: A Comparison of First Generation Students and their Continuing Generation Peers” at the Annual Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Conference in New Orleans in June.
  • McKell Christensen, Campus Recreation Aquatics and Safety Coordinator, facilitated a Facilities Roundtable at the Utah NIRSA State meeting in November of 2011.
  • Mike Moon, CIC Assistant Director, presented a session on “Really Good Service with a Really Bad Budget” at the Utah Leadership Academy in Logan.
  • Prasanna Reddy, Director of Tutoring, Testing, and Supplemental Instruction, Leslie Loeffel, Director of the Davis Learning Center, and Carl Porter, Executive Director of Academic Support Centers and Programs, presented a paper at the NADE Conference in January entitled, “It’s All About Goals.”
  • The StrengthsQuest student L.E.A.D. Team provided the keynote presentation at the Regional International Association of Marketing Students (DECA) Conference in October in Park City.
  • Tracey Smith, Hyrum Allen, and Marilyn Cragun in the Testing Center presented at the National College Testing Association Conference in San Diego. The title of their presentation was “Increasing Course Testing with Limited Resources.”