Staff Presentations


  • Women’s Center Student Programming Board Member and student staff, Caitlyn Jensen, presented “Media, Stereotypes, and Powerful Women” at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders sponsored by NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) and AAUW (American Association of University Women.)
  • Mark Adams, Counseling and Psychological Services, presented a breakout session entitled Working with the system: Resources for teaching systemic principles in therapy at the 2010 Utah University and College Counseling Centers (UUCCC) annual conference in Park City.
  • Leslie Loeffel, Director of the Davis Learning Center, presented at the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) national conference in Washington, D. C. in February 2011 as a member of the panel “Voices of Certification.”
  • Adrian Tinajero, Sheldon Cheshire, Roxana Luna and Greg Woodring (all staff members in Education Access and Outreach) presented at the state Secondary School Counselor conference sponsored by USHE (Utah System of Higher Education) in September 2011 on building effective and collaborative tutoring models.
  • Ruth Stubbs, Director of Education Access and Outreach, presented at the USHE conference in September and the ITESOL (Intermountain Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) regional conference held in October at WSU on effectively working with underrepresented students, and at the statewide ACT conference on reaching out to first-generation students.
  • Prasanna Reddy, Director of Tutoring, Testing and Supplemental Instruction, and Lynnae Dopp, Appointment Tutoring Center Coordinator assisted in hosting the CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association) national conference held in Salt Lake City in November 2010. Tutoring Coordinators also assisted with the conference and presented at a pre-conference workshop. In addition, Prasanna took seven Writing Center tutors to the annual Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference at Westminster College in Salt Lake City where one of the tutors presented a paper on the benefits of peer workshops for student success, tutor development, and program outreach.
  • Aaron Newman, Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, facilitated a session at the NASPA Regional Conference regarding Campus StrengthsQuest Development. He also facilitated a similar presentation for the Salt Lake Community College Student Association. Working with the Park City Education Foundation, the Park City School District, and the Park City Charter Schools, the Department of Student Involvement & Leadership has been developing a new teacher training course to be offered this coming summer to encourage teachers to identify and embrace students’ strengths within the classroom.
  • Greg Nielsen, Associate Director of Career Services, co-presented at the Northwest Association of Student Affairs Professionals Conference in October 2010 on “Career Pathways as a Tool for Improving Student Participation and Outcomes in Career Guidance”.
  • Adrienne Gillespie, Diversity and Unity Center Coordinator, presented a session entitled “Let’s Talk! I’ll Call You/Text You/IM Later” for the Utah Leadership Academy in May 2011.
  • Jessica Oyler, Coordinator of Student Affairs Assessment, and Brett Perozzi, Associate Vice President, presented a program session entitled Examining learning in a student employment program at the NASPA Assessment and Persistence Conference in May 2011.
  • Jan Winniford presented a session entitled Ethical Decision Making for Student Affairs at the Salt Lake Community College Student Services Institute in October 1010.