Staff Presentations


  • Jennifer Grandi, Assistant Dean of Students, presented “Creating and Implementing a Mentor Program Designed to Connect Students to the University” at the Fall 2009 NASPA Western Regional Conference in San Jose, California.
  • Leslie Loeffel, Davis Learning Center Director; Jan Winniford, Vice President for Student Affairs; and Dorothy Hill, Learning Skills Specialist, co-presented “Creating a Staff Development Program: From Innocence to Experience” at the Fall 2009 NASPA Western Regional Conference.
  • Carol Merrill, Director of the Women’s Center, provided two workshops at the American Association of University Women and NASPA Conference in Maryland. The topics were: “The Power Game of Leadership” and “The Art of Leadership.” She also spoke at the “Moving Closer to My Dreams” Women’s Leadership Conference in Tallahassee, Florida. The topic was “Leadership Development in a Changing World.”
  • Adrian Tinajero, Student-to-Student Coordinator, presented at the Utah-State ASPIRE conference on “How to integrate effective academic support with pre-college programs.”
  • Tamara Robinette, Counselor, facilitated a breakout session at the Utah University and College Counseling Centers annual conference in Park City: “Why doesn’t he listen to me? The hidden impact of learning disabilities on relationships.”
  • Dianna Abel co-presented a paper at the Association of University and College Counseling Center Directors annual conference in Asheville, NC, entitled “What’s learning got to do with it? Assessing learning outcomes of counseling services.”
  • Lawrence Helmbrecht, Counselor, co-facilitated a breakout session with Charles Chandler, Coordinator of Veteran Student Services, at the Utah University and College Counseling Centers annual conference in Park City: “Boots to books: Challenges faced by returning veteran students.”
  • Ruth Stubbs, Director of Education Access and Outreach, co-presented at the National GEAR-UP conference on "Education, Catch the Dream: a college-prep curriculum providing a motivational tool to aspire towards a higher education" in July 2009. She also presented at the State Conference for American Association of University Women on "Educational barriers and opportunities for women from under-represented backgrounds" in August 2009 and at the Utah State Conference on College Access and Transition for Utah High School Counselors on "How to effectively serve under-represented populations within the educational system" in August 2009.
  • Jessica Hickmott, Student Affairs Assessment Coordinator, co-presented three conference sessions at the NASPA National Conference.
  • Brett Perozzi, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, presented at the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) international conference: “Student employment core concepts: literature and data.”
  • Adrienne Gillespie, Coordinator of the Center for Diversity and Unity, served as the Hill Air Force Base Federal Women’s History Month Keynote speaker in March 2010 and as a panelist at the American Association of University Women in May 2009.