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Sarah Hanisko

Sarah Hansiko

Job title: Testing Technology Specialist

What is your favorite book?: East of Eden by John Steinbeck

What is your favorite part of your job?: Being the first to test out new technologies for the division.

What was your experience in your field before this position?: I worked as a computer lab aide while I was a student at Weber State.

What advice would you have for students who have future aspirations of attaining your job title?: Play with technology, learn everything you can about emerging technology in the testing field.

If you could invite any 2 living people in the world to dinner, who would they be and why?: Kenneth Cloke, a leader in the Conflict Resolution field. His writing is amazing and I’ve actually had the opportunity to dine with him during Mediators Beyond Borders training. I’d love to talk with him more about the field. My second choice would be John Lasseter, he’s a Disney Imagineer and chief creative officer of Pixar. His creativity and innovation is amazing and I would love to talk about his processes.


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