The Student Support Services tutoring program is nationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association. Our tutors work with students on a one-on-one basis and in small groups throughout the semester.

To set up times for tutoring come in to the Student Support Service office, SC 265, to fill out a Tutor Request Form, and meet with an advisor. 

Key Benefits

  • It's FREE!  
  • You can receive up to 5 hours a week of tutoring per class. 
  • You get to meet with a trained, qualified tutor.
  • Tutoring is provided for most classes.
  • Tutoring is scheduled ahead of time so you can make your plans in advance.
  • Students love it!  See some of their comments below.

"I got a good score on my last test because my tutor helped me understand the concepts."

"My tutor was patient with me and made things visual."

"The tutor's explanations helped me understand the problems."

"He is a great tutor and he helped me understand chemistry."

"I enjoyed my tutoring experience and I have learned a lot."

"My tutor knows how to talk at my level of understanding."

"My tutor is very knowledgeable about the subject."


This Student Support Services Project is 100% federally funded. The grant amount for the 2014/2015 school year was $401,130.  The grant amount for the 2015/2016 school year will be announced soon.

Want to Be a Tutor?

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