Student Contract of Agreement for Tutoring

The Student Support Services Program provides tutors to help students who are seeking assistance in classes for which they are registered in or preparing for certain freshman level classes. We consider tutoring a partnership. We provide a tutor for you free of charge, and in return expect you to do your part.

Before receiving tutoring, you must agree to the following guidelines.

  • I understand that my tutor will not and cannot do my work for me.
  • I will be prompt and prepared for my tutorial sessions. It is my responsibility in the partnership to attend class, to read and prepare course material in advance, and to come prepared with specific questions to ask my tutor. If my tutor is to help me improve, I must be willing to help myself.
  • If, for any reason, the tutoring relationship is not working, I will see an adviser to make arrangements to better suit my needs.
  • If I decide that I no longer need tutoring, I will notify the Student Support Services office by calling 801-626-7009.
  • If I cannot keep a scheduled appointment, I will notify the Student Support Services office by calling 801-626-7009 at least 24 hours in advance.
  • I understand that during the semester I am allowed a maximum of 2 no-shows or a maximum of 3 cancellations. If I reach these these limits, I understand that my tutoring may be suspended or cancelled for the rest of the semester.

If the following are agreed to by the tutee, the tutoring can begin.