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The John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics boasts more than 8,500 alumni living around the world.  Their accomplishments and contributions to every sector of human enterprise represent our greatest achievement and source of pride as a school and a management community.  The Goddard School is also lucky to have the support of members of its surrounding communities.  

These friends give back by serving on our Business Advisory Council, attending our Ralph Nye Lecture Series, and mentoring and recruiting Goddard School students and graduates.  

Through the support of alumni and friends the Goddard School is able to provide students with access to Utah’s vibrant business community.

Goddard School Business Students in Malawi, Southeast Africa 

Learn about how Brent Peterson and Jacob Thompson are making a difference through the Catchment Conservation Project in Malawi, Southeast Africa. They are working to improve agricultural conservation technologies and are blogging about their experiences at

The project is titled Smart Subsidies for Catchment Conservation in Malawi (SSCCM). The project employs an incentive scheme designed by Gregory Parkhurst and Jason Shogren (Professor at University of Wyoming) called an agglomeration bonus that promotes adoption of conservation agriculture technology by creating interdependencies between neighboring landowners’ agriculture decisions and subsequent earnings. The Balaka and Machinga districts are in Sub-Saharan Africa and have a poverty rate of over 70%. A common joke heard in Malawi is: What is Malawi’s biggest export? Answer: Top soil. In this grant we hope to identify an incentive scheme that can alter that perception and in so doing reduce the poverty and food insecurity in the region.

Dr. Parkhurst is Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Weber State University. Jacob Thompson graduated from WSU with a bachelor’s degree. Jacob majored in political science and minored in economics.

Gregory “Brent” Peterson is a senior in the Goddard School of Business and Economics with a major in business administration.

Other WSU student researchers on the SSCCM project are: Yuzhou Shen (BS International Economics), Junghee Lee (BS International Economics), and Jiakun Li (senior majoring in International Economics).

Brent by a boat in Malawi
Brent by a boat in Malawi

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