Honor Roll of Alumni in the Business World

  1. Nolan Archibald, President and CEO, Black and Decker Corporation (NYSE: BDK)

  2. Dwayne Ashmead, President and CEO, Albion Laboratories

  3. Scott Baxter, Managing Partner, Baxter Energy Partners 

  4. Darren Berry, Assistant Vice President, Lehman Brothers

  5. Ray Bingham, Chief Executive Officer, Cadence Design Systems Inc. (NYSE: CND)

  6. William H. Child, President and CEO, R.C. Willey, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK/A)

  7. Greg Costley, Chairman and CEO, HomeSeekers.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: HMSK)

  8. Jared Felt, Director, Investment Banking, Credit Suisse First Boston, a subsidiary of the Credit Suisse Group (CSR:NYSE)

  9. Jeff Flamm, Founder and Former President, Health Benefit America

  10. David Glen, President, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (NYSE: FRE)

  11. Tom Grimm, President, SAM'S Club, a division of Wal Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT)

  12. Alan Hall, Founder and President, MarketStar Corp.

  13. David T. Halverson, Senior Vice President, Tupperware Corporation (NYSE: TUP)

  14. Dennis Heiner, President and CEO, Werner Co.

  15. Dee Ward Hock, Founder, CEO Emeritus, and Former President, VISA International

  16. Joel C. Horne, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank

  17. Robert Hyde, Chief Financial Officer, Larry H. Miller Sports and Entertainment Group, (the Utah Jazz)

  18. Jerry Moyes, President and CEO, Swift Transportation (NASDAQ: SWFT)

  19. Paul Neuenschwander, President, Zion's Mortgage, a division of Zion's Bank (NASDAQ: ZION)

  20. Ray Noorda, Founder and CEO Emeritus, Novell Inc. (NASDAQ: NOVL)

  21. Jerry Peterson, President, Hertz Overland West Inc.

  22. William Reagan, President, Reagan National Advertising

  23. Curtis Roberts, Associate Vice President for Commercialization and Regional Development, Utah State University

  24. Mark A. Russell, Vice President, Alumax Materials, (NYSE: AMX)

  25. Roger Trinchero, President, co-owner, Sutter Home Winery