Independent Contractors

Expenditure Guidelines for funding from RSPG, Hemingway, Bingham Research, and Presidential Distinguished Professor Awards

This applies to off-campus individuals that should not be considered employees.

Please note that for payments of more than $400, a requisition needs to be processed before you arrange for services. Contact Betty at x7124 and she will prepare a requisition for you.

If the amount to be paid is less than $400, use the form "Check Request for Prize, Award, Stipend, Honorarium ($400 or less)" (see Send the completed form to Betty at MC 1004.  Betty will fill in the Index, Fund, Organization and Account and then take the form to Accounting Services. Accounting Services will mail a check to the individual.

Otherwise, have the individual complete and sign an Independent Contractor Form that can be downloaded from (click on Vendor Registration-Independent Contractor form). There are questions on the second page of this form to assist in determining whether this person meets the independent contractor criteria or whether they must instead be hired as an employee.

Send the completed Independent Contractor Form to Betty at MC 1004, and she will note the requisition number on it and forward the form to Purchasing. A check will then to sent to the individual.