How to Withdraw | Drop Classes
You can withdraw/drop from all classes online within your eWeber student portal.  You can also drop your classes in person with Picture ID at our Registration Windows (Registrar's Solution Center).

If you drop your class(es) within the
Cancellation Period the course(s) will not appear on your academic transcript.  If you withdraw from your class(es) within the Withdrawal Period your course(s) will be dropped with a "W" which will appear on your academic transcript.  A "W" does not impact your cumulative WSU GPA.  

After the withdrawal deadline, you can no longer drop your class(es).  

See the
Academic Calendar for all cancellation & withdrawal deadlines.  Note that deadlines differ depending on whether the course is a 1st Block, 2nd Block, or Full Semester course.

Did you know?
Weber State University does not drop classes for nonpayment or nonattendance.
If you do not plan to attend, make sure to 
drop any classes you have registered for either before the start of the semester or within the 100% Refund Period.

Otherwise, you will be 
accountable to the refund schedule for any tuition & fee costs associated with the time spent registered for your courses.
Please check the Refund Policy and Deadlines.

Helpful Info

 Dropping Classes  


Notify Financial Aid Office

If you are receiving
Federal Financial Aid and want to withdraw from a class or from the entire semester, you must contact the Financial Aid Office to speak to a financial aid counselor.

Any withdrawal may affect your eligibility for future Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Office
(801) 626-7569 | | SC 209



Login to eWeber Portal

To log in, go to and enter your Wildcat Username & Password.


If you forgot your Password, click the
Password Help option provided underneath the login, a box will appear to the right with the following options:
If you remember your username, select the first option -
Forgot your password?

If you don't remember your username, select the third option -
Get your Wildcat Username.  Here you will be asked to provide your social security number and date of birth for your Wildcat Username and a temporary password to login with.  Make note the password is case sensitive.

A Wildcat ID and password are required before dropping classes online in your eWeber student portal. For assistance contact Computing Support at 801-626-7777.



Ready to Withdraw | Drop

Register For Classes (Add/Drop)
Click on Register For Classes (Add/Drop) located in the Registration Box of your Student Services Tab.

Select a Term
If prompted with Select a Term, select the semester you are wanting to withdraw/drop classes from & click Submit.

If you are not prompted with the option of selecting a term and you end up in the wrong semester, go back to your
Registration Box & Select a Term (the first option listed in the Registration Box) to switch out semesters and then click Register For Classes (Add/Drop)

Select Withdraw | Drop Option
In the action column of your current schedule select the Drop/Withdraw option next the course(s) that you wish to drop from.     


Submit Changes

After selecting the Drop/Withdraw option make sure you hit the Submit Changes button located at the bottom of the page to finalize your Drop/Withdraw request.
If you do not hit Submit Changes your classes will not drop & you will remain registered.

You have successfully dropped/withdrawn from your course if it appears on your current schedule as dropped/withdrawn with a date.   


If you drop classes before the semester starts they will completely be removed from your current schedule if you dropped the course(s) correctly. 


 Getting Reinstated 

If you drop all of your classes after a semester starts you will be completely withdrawn from the semester.  

Should you decide to register again for classes after you have been completely withdrawn you will either need to contact our
Registrar's Solution Center at (801) 626-6100 to get reinstated or send an email from your Weber email account to with your name, W#, semester, and your request to be readmitted.  

Once reinstated you will need to register for classes by midnight.  If your time expires to register simply call or send your email request to be readmitted again.

 to the Cashier's Website to obtain information about payment deadlines and tuition and fee amounts. It is the student's responsibility to understand the registration, payment, withdrawal, and refund schedule and to make sure account balances are paid in-full and on-time to avoid late fees or other charges.

Registering for Classes
Students may register (add) classes online through the eWeber portal or at the registration windows (Registrar's Solution Center at the Ogden campus, Enrollment Services at the Davis campus, West Center and Morgan Center) through the 5th business day of the semester or block. 

Instructor/Departmental approval will be required to add a class beginning on the 6th business day of the semester or block.

 Seeking a Refund 
Refund Dates
Refunds Dates are determined by Weber State University's Bursar's Office.  You will be accountable to the refund schedule for any tuition & fee costs associated with the time spent registered for your courses.

Please check the Refund Policy and Deadlines. 

Remember refund dates differ depending on whether the course is a 1st Block, 2nd Block, or Full Semester course.

Dropping Classes After Refund Deadlines

If you drop classes after the appropriate refund deadlines and are seeking an Exception to University Policy then you will need to file a Student Financial Petition through the Bursar's Office.  

 Unable to Drop Online 

Technical Issues
All students are to drop their own classes online through their eWeber portal. However, if you experience any technical difficulties or are unable to drop your classes online send an email from your Weber email account to with your name, W#, course CRN, & drop request.

We will always honor the date your email was sent, so if it's after hours, send an email.  We will drop your class as of the date your email was sent.
Remember all email requests need to come from your
Weber email account, it is the only account we are authorized to communicate/accept requests through when regarding your academic account. 

If you have
holds that are preventing you from dropping your classes online through your eWeber portal, contact the department that placed the hold on your account to resolve in getting the hold removed.  Once the hold is removed you will be able to drop your classes online.

If the hold cannot be removed or you cannot reach the department who placed the hold to removed it, simply send an email from your Weber email account to with your name, W#, CRN(s), your request to drop & we will assist you in dropping your classes. 





Need More Help?
If you ever have any questions regarding dropping classes call (801) 626-6100, our Registrar's Solution Center is ready to help.
You can also email from your Weber email account.  Just make sure you include you name, W#, CRN if your question is in regards to a particular course, and your request.