Outreach Radiography Technology Program Information

The Radiologic Science Department’s Outreach program is intended to educate radiography professionals in their own communities. These communities include rural Utah, Montana, and  Utah border communities of Wyoming and the 4 corners area (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico).   Many of the regions we concentrate on are medically underserved; our programs allow you to stay home and train, which in turn can improve the quality of health care in your community.

Students generally take their prerequisite courses online or at a local college before enrolling in these programs. Once enrolled, you work with a WSU-partnered hospital in your area to fulfill your clinical requirements. These hybrid programs entail intensive classroom instruction and online testing.   You will meet with department faculty, at your location or in Ogden, approximately six times per semester for these intensive sessions.

Students in the Outreach program are considered full-time, on-campus WSU students. As such, you are eligible for federal financial aid.


The Weber State College Radiologic Sciences faculty was approached in 1978 to conduct a radiography program in Panguitch, Utah, to help meet the rural hospital’s manpower needs. Soon after students were first accepted into the program in 1979, other rural hospitals began requesting students. In 1982, St. George’s Dixie Medical Center and Cedar City’s Valley View Hospital were added as clinical sites.

The outreach program was designed to move into an area, educate and train students and, when the need was met, move to another site. The program has been conducted in more than a dozen towns in Utah, and in 1992, the Utah State Board of Regents approved a proposal to incorporate clinical sites in surrounding states, such as Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico.

For further information please contact the Advisement Office at 801-626-6128 or healthprofessions@weber.edu.