Honors Program


In conjunction with the WSU Honors Program, the Radiologic Science Department offers a Departmental Honors curriculum.  This enhanced major program provides opportunities to increase intellectual initiative, explore creative processes, work independently, and expand social interaction. This program can be particularly beneficial to students contemplating graduate school because it enhances their credentials and exposes them to graduate level requirements.

Requirements for Department Radiologic Sciences Associate's Degree Honors:
  1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and earn a 3.8 GPA in required upper division departmental credits.
  2. Complete an average of 8 documented hours of community service per academic semester outside of the program clinical requirements.  Documentation should include a brief description of the service activity, the number of hours completed, the name of the charitable partner, and supervisor signature with contact information.  For opportunities, visit the Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) in the Student Union.
  3. Become a member of the Lambda Nu National Honor Society for Radiologic and Imaging Sciences under the Utah Alpha Chapter and demonstrate professional involvement.  In consultation with Tanya Nolan, prepare a proposal that promotes the professional standards in Radiologic Sciences.
  4. Prepare an 11 x 17 display poster and present original research at the Honors Nye-Cortez Banquet at the end of the academic year upon completion of all departmental honors requirements.  
Requirements for Department Radiologic Sciences Baccalaureate Degree Honors:
  1.  All the requirements above, plus earn a 4.0 grade for senior thesis.
How to Apply for Departmental Honors in Radiologic Sciences:
  1. Complete the entrance application form for the Departmental Honors with the department advisor and submit it to the Honor's Program (2nd floor of the Stewart Library) at least one semester prior to graduation.
  2. Meet the requirements listed above.
  3. Complete the exit application with the departmental advisor.
  4. Visit with Marilyn Diamond, the Honor's advisor, to be cleared for graduation with Departmental Honors. 801-626-7336; mdiamond@weber.edu
Students earning departmental honors will be recognized in the following ways:
  1. "Department of Radiologic Sciences Honors" designated on the transcript
  2. "Department of Radiologic Sciences Honors" printed on the degree diploma
  3. Personalized letter signed by the President of Weber State University and the Honors Director.
  4. Invitations to Honors educational and social events.
  5. Invitation to Honors Nye-Cortez Banquet at the end of the academic year.
  6. Black and white honors cords from the department to be worn at graduation.
For more information contact:
Tanya Nolan    - Department Honors Advisor          ph. 801-626-8172
Dr. Judy Elsley - Honors Director                                ph. 801-626-6186
Requirements for Department Radiologic Sciences Baccalaureate Degree Honors:

WSU Honors Program
Stewart Library, Room 225

Department Faculty Advisor:
Tanya Nolan
Marriott Allied Health Bldg.
Room 363