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The following information should aid students during their time in the Radiologic Sciences programs and answer many frequently asked questions!

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Department Announcements

Registration information for Summer semester will be available April 1 2016.
Registration information for Fall semester will be available July 15, 2016
Applications for Graduation for Fall Semester are DUE October 3rd. Apply HERE

Textbook Information

Textbooks may be ordered online and shipped through the Weber State University Campus Stores. If ordering textbooks from another source, be sure all materials needed for the class are included. We will notify you of any changes as soon as possible.


Modules are available for purchase one week before the semester begins. You will only have two opportunities to download your modules after purchase. To purchase modules, follow this link: http://www.rtecinc.net/

Bloodborne Pathogen Packet

Find all the information you need about bloodborne pathogens HERE.

Certification and Licensing

Please click the applicable link below:   

AfterCollege and the Department of Radiologic Sciences are pleased to introduce a new research tool that provides employment, networking and scholarship information for studetns, alumni and employers.

Scholarship Information

This is a friendly reminder that to be considered for any WSU scholarships, you must complete the Weber State University scholarship application annually. 

Academic scholarships will be awarded based on scholarship application submission date and grade point average. Since there are more students applying than there are available funds, the earlier you apply the more competitive you will be in receiving a scholarship. To complete the Scholarship application, go to: www.weber.edu Log into your eWeber Student Portal to gain access to WSU's student application.

a. Click on the Student Services tab

b. Click on the Scholarship Application in the Financial Service section

c. Fill in the fields and click the submit at the bottom of the screen If you experience technical difficulties, Computing Support's IT Service Desk is available 24/7 at (801) 626-7777. Please remember all communication from now on will be through your eWeber Portal and Weber email. Both should be checked often. You also have an option of forwarding your Weber email to your personal email. 

Travel Information

If driving onto campus, a parking pass is required for each day.  A temporary parking permit for 'W' parking lots can be obtained from the Information Booth located at the front of campus (in front of the duck pond) between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  Temporary permits cost $2 per day.  'W' parking lots are shaded purple on the Ogden Campus Map.

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