Advanced Radiologic Sciences Overview

Radiologic Sciences combines the medical field with the latest developments in technology to produce medical images that are indispensable diagnostic and therapeutic tools in modern medicine.

The advanced radiologic sciences program is designed to fill the continuing education needs of registered technologists, to provide a career ladder for those who wish to obtain additional skills in a specialized area and provide an opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

You must be an ARRT-registered technologist (RT) or the equivalent, as determined by the Department of Radiologic Sciences, to apply to and enter the advanced radiologic sciences program.




The Advanced Radiologic Sciences program consists of a cluster of specialized medical imaging disciplines and radiation therapy.

This program will teach you about patient care and assessment, psycho-social aspects of patient care, radiation biology, patient management, patient education, anatomy/image evaluation and pathophysiology.

Registered RTs who wish to gain additional knowledge and skills and/or career mobility may apply for a BS degree in the following areas: Advanced Radiologic Sciences (with emphases in Cardiovascular-Interventional Technology, Mamography, Magentic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, MRI/CT combo, Radiologist Assistant and Women's Imaging), Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy.

With a BS degree in a specialized imaging field, you can have employment opportunities in health care facilities, commercial applications, marketing/sales, research, health services administration, educational institutions, and consulting for insurance companies and legal firms.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, many occupations in the radiologic sciences will experience faster-than-average growth as the middle-aged and elderly populations increase. Technologists with cross-training in other modalities will have the best prospects.

Salaries vary depending on the region, workplace and skill level. Please see for most recent salary information.