Senior Projects in Music Education (MUSC 4992)

Guidelines for Completing a Senior Project in Music Education

 Music education majors have the option of completing a senior project in lieu of a senior recital and should register for Music 4992 during the semester in which they plan to complete the project.The Director of Music Education in consultation with the music faculty must approve the senior project option at least one semester prior to the completion of the project. A written proposal must be approved and signed by a faculty committee before the student may enroll in Music 4992.The committee must be comprised of at least three members including the following:

    1. The Director of Music Education or his or her designee
    2. An appropriate Music Area Head or his or her designee
    3. A Weber State Faculty Member

Appropriate outside members that are not members of the WSU faculty may be selected with the approval of the music faculty.

  1. The student must enroll in Directed Readings (MUSC 4830C) prior to the semester he or she wishes to complete the project in order to successfully complete the project proposal.
  2. Upon receiving approval of the project, the student should proceed with the project in close consultation with the committee.
  3. Upon completion of the project, the faculty committee shall meet and provide useful information to the student. Each member of the committee will assign a letter grade. These grades will be averaged for the final grade in Music 4992 (Senior Project).


Examples of Introductions to Senior Project Proposals:




Examples of Senior Projects (Final Document):

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