Previously Funded Grants

February 2015 

  • Kai-Shi: a Youth Character Development Program - Chandler Copenhaver
  • Biguanides, Tumor-Associated Macrophages, and Triple-Negative Breast Cancer - Adam Henrie
  • Hsp 70 Gene Regulatory Response in Paranemertes Peregrina - Sara Naveed & Kirsten Peterson





November 2014

  • Synergistic Effects of Polyoxometalates and antibiotics against Antibacterial Resistant Bacteria - Candace Adamson
  • Chronic effects of intermittent sound disturbance on Buenos Aires tetra - jeremy Arnt
  • Changes in empathy in pre-health Students and health Professionals - Max George & Chase Brower
  • Role of Blood Type in the Development of Celiac Desease - Zachary Gibson
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology Senior Project; Thermal Solar Collector - Alberto Gomez
  • Prevalence of Milk-borne pathogens in the Northern Utah Milk Supply - Landen Holmes
  • Rwanda After the Genocide - Julie Ikeda
  • Effect of Roundup on Artemia - Kimberly Lowder
  • Atmospheric Data Telemetry between the HARBOR Aircraft and Ground Control - Larry Lusk
  • Antimicrobial Effect of Asparagus recemosus on Five Clinically significant Pathogens - Joseph Maes
  • Vitamin D Binding Protein Isoforms & Vitamin D Levels in Diabetes Patients - Samantha Morgan
  • Thermal Expansion Research & Testing Instrument - Yahya Abu Saq


October 2014

  • An Examination of the Relationships Between Exercise, Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, and Multiple Sclerosis - Amy Covington
  • Detection of Halophilic Bacteriophage in Soils Near the Great Salt Lake - Garrett Ward
  • The Motivational Power of Incentives: Immediate vs. Delayed Rewards - Ysabel Jardine
  • Detoxification Enzyme Expression in Nasal Epithelium of Woodrats Consuming Juniper - Daniel Jensen
  • Fatigue Testing Machine Design and Build - Mohammed Alabdulkarim, Adam Smith, David Atkin, Jacob Stampick, Eric Black
  • Smartphone Use, Test Performance, & Anxiety - Hendrik Ombach, J'lene Rea
  • Caching Behavior of Neotoma Species - Jared Smith
  • Path of Purpose - Madisen Jones

April 2014

  • ph and Salts Effect on Infection of Halophiles by Phage - Tyler Allen
  • Isolation of Enterococcus Bacteriophage from Northern Utah Water Systems - Brody Arave
  • Building a Place in Ogden Utah: African American Community Organizations - Geoffry Bilderback
  • Albert Sidney Johnston and the Utah War - Mark Church
  • Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on C-Reactive Protein in Participants of the Weber in Motion Exercise - Stacie Hancock, Jessica Muhlestein
  • Plasmid Analysis of Two Novel Lactobacillus Curvatus Strains - Jordan Hendricks
  • Diplochory in the Dwarf Bear-Poppy (Arctomecon humilis) - Christopher Hunsaker
  • Mozambican Men and Women: Investigating Gender Equality in Southeast Africa - Matthew Largent
  • The Role of Genetic Polymorphisms and Cognitive Self-Control on Adolescent Aggression in Male Juvenile Detention Inmates - Trae Mendenhall
  • Anatomy and Histochemistry of the Avian Tail Apparatus - Kyle Spainhower
  • Getting Kids Outside: A Parental Education Workshop - Kassandra Sqrow
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Organometallic Polmers from Substituted Cyclopentadienes - Daniel Taylor, Sharon Vasquez
  • Characterization of a Halophilic Segmented Double Stranded RNA Virus - Darin Toone
  • Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating at Cottontail Rock Shelter - Heidi Van Etten
  • Sheep Grazing Impact on Plant Populations on Idaho BLM - Staci Williams, Sara Higley
  • Genetic Characteristics of Enterococci Isolated from GLS and Weber River - Cody Zesiger, Autumn Brubaker

February 2014

  • Microorganisms and Other Particulate Sampling in Earth's Atmosphere - Jess Gann
  • American Avocet Incubation Constancy in a Hot Environment - Josh Hall
  • Aerosol and Gas Composition Measurements in an Urban Mountain Basin - Michael Petersen, Bronson Stephens
  • Stratigraphy of Cenozoic Strata Near Hatch, Utah - Kevin Rafferty

November 2013

  • Solar Wind Integrated Crate (SWIC) - Zachary Beames
  • Toothbrush Sanitization: A Comparison of Two Methods - Chelsea Burr, Kelsey Adams, Hailey Fawson, Kristen Linford
  • Risk Assessment for Periodontal Disease - Chenylle Corbett, Kynzie Atkinson, Caitlyn Capener, Nicole Diquattro
  • Native Plant Extracts as Inhibitors of Common Bacterial STD Pathogens - Sarah Eccles
  • Bilingualism and Religiosity - Benjamin Eschler
  • The Impact of a Serotonin Transporter Genetic Polymorphism on Spatial Working Memory - Houda Nizam
  • Antimicrobial Properties of Penstemon Cyananthus - Vanesa Martinez
  • Relationship Between Sleep, Diet, and the Duration of Concussion Symptoms - JoLin Petersen
  • Prevalance of ABO Blood Type and Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 - Tyler Rushforth, Hayley Steed, Joshua Lloyd
  • Crude Plant Extracts as Inhibitors of Cyrptosporidium Parvum - Alisha Ryan
  • Use of Common Household Desiccants as a Poison Ivy Block - Daniel Shallbeter, James Mauchley
  • Prevalence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Among Weber State Students - Michael Smith, Ahmed Mohammed, Richard Scott

October 2013

  • Voices Amidst Conflict: Gays During the Troubles in Northern Ireland - Joshua Behn
  • Development of Methods to Survey the Great Salt Lake Virosphere - Kayla Blackford
  • Taxonomic Study of Arnica Species - Taylor Nelson
  • Race and the Spectacle of Empire in France's Third Republic - Avery Pince
  • The Effects of Mobile Apps in Healthcare: The Treatment of Asthma, Diabetes & Hypertension - Jared Smith, Molly Leonard, Elika Parivar
  • Analysis of Genes for Salinity Tolerance in Plants Native to the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem - Ryan Wall

April 2013

  • Effects of Glucose on Swarming Motility of Proteus Mirabilis - Karlee Emal, Scott Chamberlain
  • Metagenomics of Great Salt Lake Microbes - Christopher Hill
  • Effects of Essential Oils of Peruvian Amazonia on SSTI-Causing Microorganisms - Alex Holt
  • The Metis Society in the Great Lakes Region, Late 1700s to 1840s - Stacy Johnson
  • MEPP Reusable Energy Test - Jeremiah Keplinger, Jeff Staker
  • A Multi-Sensor to Study Aerosol Pollution and Gas Composition in Earth's Atmosphere - Michael Petersen, Jenifer Stoddard, Joe Mahurin
  • Weber County Red Cross Canteen, World War II - Lorrie Rands
  • Divulging Emotion Through Realism - Rachel Rigley
  • Automated Tracking Antenna for High-Altitude Atmospheric and Climate Research - Michael Shaw, Spencer Ito, Benjamin Jones
  • Resurrection of a Ghost Town: Chesterfield, Idaho - Candice Tesch
  • Novel Gene Sequence for Invertebrate Techykinin Receptor - Chelsie Thomas
  • Timing and Source Relationships of Cretaceous Strata, Southern Utah Basins - Kari McLaughlin
  • Effects of Size on Capacitance of Printed Micro-Supercapacitors - Ronald Marx
  • Comparisons of Hands-On Learning Versus Sharing on Student Performance - Joshua Bradford

February 2013

  • Lavender Oil & State Anxiety: Priming and Personality Factors - Eric Bitton
  • The Efficacy of Motivational Imagery Intervention in Distance Athletes - Jenna Deelstra
  • Microarray Analysis of the Effect of Triclosan on Caenorhabditis Elegans - Stephanie Hansen