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Long Term Grants

Grant Details

Long-term grants support substantial, in-depth projects that normally span several semesters or the summer.

  • $3,500 limit
  • Priority is given to projects that culminate in an honors thesis or some other capstone project.
  • Students must be currently enrolled to apply.
  • Reviewed by the Undergraduate Research Committee twice per semester
           Regarding Research Scholarships 
    • Grant budgets may include a Research Scholarship, provided that you engage in the equivalent of ten full-time weeks of research. The Research Scholarship can cover research work during the summer.
    • If you are requesting a Research Scholarship, please list all significant time commitments (5+ hours per week) that you expect to maintain over the duration of your project, for example, class and work schedules.
    • Request limit for one Research Scholarship is $2,500

Submission Details

All students must attend a mandatory workshop on preparing a successful research proposal before submitting a grant to OUR for research funding. Check calendar for workshop dates.

  • Turn in your grant proposal to the undergraduate research representative for your college at least one week prior to deadline for review/editing. (find your rep)
  • Turn in one printed copy to the OUR Office and one electronic copy to

Long Term Grant Application Form

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