Poster Printing

FREE printing for research students

The Office of Undergraduate Research operates a large format printer to facilitate conference poster printing. This free service is available to students and faculty on campus in need of a poster for a conference or event. 42"X36" is the maximum size for free printing.

Printing Guidlines


  • The large-format printer will print up to 42" wide on one side. 
  • The cost of printing posters that do not qualify for free printing is $5/foot.
  • Posters may be printed only once at no charge.
  • You can email your poster to or bring a flash drive to the OUR office. (Stewart Library, room 58)

Poster Design

  • Poster images need to be high resolution (300) or they may print blurry.
  • If using Adobe Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) Please save your final as a PDF at the correct size.
  • If using PowerPoint to design your poster, please format the poster to the exact size you want it printed as shown in the picture below.
       -To change the slide size go to the design tab
         >under page setup
         >set width 42, height 36.

         >Download our PowerPoint template to get started.


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Poster Printing