2010 Funded Grants

Business & Economics


"Religiosity as a Mediating Variable in Blended Family Conflict"
Chris, Andrew and Michelle Burton Child and Family Studies

Health Professions

"The Effect of Probiotics in Yogurt on oral Streptococcus mutans"
Garner, David, Mitchell Cooney and J. Scott Fonnesbeck Clinical Laboratory Science

"Vitamin D3 levels and the Severity of Inflammmation in Asthma"
Gillespie, Kelsey and Brittney Supp Clinical Laboratory Science

"The Effects of Tanning on Stress"
Graves, Jordan, Brittany Russett and Ben Bauter Clinical Laboratory Science

"Pertussis Immunity in a sample population of Pregnant Women"
Heiner, Dana and Rachel Bown Clinical Laboratory Science

"Analysis of First and Second Drops of Blood on CoaguChekXS"
Knudson, Lauren, Mandy Griego and Daryl Blackwell Clinical Laboratory Science

"Human Chorionic Gonadotropic Hormone Effects on Transfusion Reactions"
Meyer, Melissa and Hillary Dodenbier Clinical Laboratory Science

"Biosolids as Microbiological Growth Media"
Nielsen, Joseph P. and Ryan Bielik Clinical Laboratory Science

"Altering ABO Antigens on Red Blood Cells using α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase and α-galactosidase"
Rouche, Lauren, Millie Bateman and Alexis McCracken Clinical Laboratory Science

"Effects of Stevia on Four Intestinal Flora Verses Granulated Sugar"
Scheel, Allison, Teresa Reyes and Rebecca Fox Clinical Laboratory Science

"Biomedical Analysis of a rapidly emerging Holistic Food Allergy Treatment:NAET"
Vincent, Brady, Dan McEntire and Dayne Bonzo Clinical Laboratory Science

"The Effects of Androgen Deprivation therapy on Glucose Metabolism in Prostate Cancer Patients"
Whale, Casey, Brant Adams, Austin Okelberry and Shaun Webb Clinical Laboratory Science

"The effects of the hCG Diet on common Pregnancy Tests"
Woolsey, Corey and Jaren Goff Clinical Laboratory Science


"Incidence of Staphylococcus aureus colonization among college students"
Delzer, Trista and Carrie Johnson Microbiology

"Identification of Wolbachia associated with Great Salt Lake Brine Flies"
Troung, Amanda Zoology

"An Investigation of a Unique Plaque Morphology Produced by a Halophage"
Farr, Andrew Microbiology

"Sedimentology of 'Local Volcanic and Sedimentary Strata', Bear Valley, UT"
Gentry, Amanda Geosciences

"Petrology of the 'Local Volcanic and Sedimentary Rocks', Bear Valley, UT"
Inghram, Leigh Geosciences

"An Investigation of the Genetic Relatedness of JM01 Halophage to NS01 and CW02"
Kerr, Preston Microbiology

"Isolation and Purification of Opt-2 mRNA in C. elegans"
Mohn, William Zoology

"Chemical Weathering of Sedimentary Rocks studied at a nano scale"
Williamson, Justin Geosciences

Social & Behavioral Sciences

"An Analysis of the Effect of Caffeine on State-Dependent Memory"
Garner, Alisa Psychology

"The Cultural Impact of the American Sniper Program"
Taylor, Jared History

"Italian Prisoner of War Experience in Ogden, UT"
Frank, Gary History

"The Effects of Docosahexaenoic Acid on Neurotrophins and Cognitive Functioning"
Malan, Christopher Psychology

"A History of the Swiss Chorus Edelweiss"
Pluim, Heather History

"An Analysis of Comorbid Substance use and Depression in Adolescence"
Trevethan, Amy Psychology





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