Travel on P-card


If a grant/contract provides for travel, PIs can use their existing Department P-card and reallocate the cost to the contract. Please be sure that your travel is approved in advance by OSP and Accounting Services.

University travel must be processed on a University Purchasing Card (P-card). This policy applies to travel by all employees or students where the costs of travel are charged against funds in the custody of Weber State University, including general funds, grants and contracts, gifts and endowments, student funds, and auxiliary funds.

If you do not have a P-card, you can apply on-line via the eWeber portal under the “Staff” tab. Do not use personal credit cards for university travel. If personal credit cards are used, please be aware that there is no guarantee of reimbursement and any funds that are reimbursed could be significantly delayed. If you need additional information, you can find the university Travel Policy at 

If you need assistance with the P-Card reallocation, or to obtain the form, please contact the OSP's Office Specialist at extension 7537. If you need clarification of the Policy, or training, please contact P-card Coordinator in the Purchasing Department at extension 7113.










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